Same words, Take two

Following yesterday's Wednesday's Words on a Friday, here is my second story using the same words.  

Like so many others, my perception of happiness focused on outside influences, material things, rather than inner feelings. I thought I needed it all, to have it all.
I bought the latest fashions to enhance my looks, I took the time to seek out the best in styles and quality for my furnishings.
I had every device invented to enable me to stay connected to everyone I knew twenty four hours a day.
I had a spiritual guide who was instrumental in teaching me to meditate. 
I'd just finished an energetic game of tennis, but my usual elation at winning just wasn't there.

I sat staring at the dancing flames of my gas fire, suddenly wishing I was far away from this rat race. My mind wandered back to the peaceful, carefree days of my childhood. 
Summers staying with Grandma and Mum at Grandma's cottage by the beach; cakes and lemonade picnics on the fragrant, creeping thyme lawn. 
My heart began to ache and I wanted to be back there so badly. Grandma was so old now, ninety five on her last birthday; I needed to see her again.
I resolved to speak to my boss and take some time off work. 


  1. For a person who claimed to be having troubles with these prompts you rocked them. Twice.

  2. Elephant's Child; I was stumped by the word perception, but once I had that worked out, the rest came easily.

  3. If only we could go back in time just sometimes to relive old memories.

  4. Merle; we do go back, every time we remember something, and if the memory is strong enough, we can relive the moment.

  5. Exquisitely done, not once but twice!

  6. The Cranky; sometimes the muse sticks around :)

  7. Do like that sculpture; the ocean views are marvelous...

  8. Peaceful reflection...very nice. :)

  9. Grace; the shore is my very favourite place to be.

    Lee; I'm a peaceful type.


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