Whimsical Wednesday # 219

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

today's giggle is NOT googled, instead you get to see my newest fridge magnets along with the oldest one. 

Let's start with the oldest one:

I don't remember when I bought this, but it's certainly more appropriate now than it was back then (*~*)

Now the two new ones:

you like?


  1. Ha,ha,ha. Fantastic. The last one is thought provoking. I see school children sitting in the public bus while old people stand. Sometimes a younger person gives his seat to an older person but that is rare. Does it reflect on the upbringing of the children?

    Once I was told in my office ==== Don't respect grey hairs respect young thinking.

    Best wishes

  2. Good ones all...now I just have to figure out how to grow three more inches.

  3. I didn't think I was short, since I taught 3 gr. But my own children towered over me. They now call me "little mommy."

  4. Love them all. And sadly fear I need to become a tree to match the height/weight question. A big tree.

  5. Hi River,

    I like no. 3 - that's me!!




  6. LOL, I can identify with all three!

  7. They ALL hit awfully close to home!!

  8. The last is great. There was a joke, something along the lines of a 100 year old man being asked what in life had given him the most satisfaction and he replied, 'outliving my enemies'.

  9. Happy Wednesday, River! :)

  10. Andrews comment reminds me of my gran she died at 95 at first she was sad when a old friend died but it slowly became a competition and got a real kick out of lasting longer than people she knew there is a plus in most things if you look hard enough.
    As for being fat it means less wrinkles.

  11. Joseph Pulikotil; I think it's wise to respect grey hairs AND young thinking.

    joeh; at this point I think I'd need to grow about ten inches!

    Author R Mac Wheeler; me too, all of them!

    Susan Kane; I've felt short since my kids grew taller. Now even the grandchildren are taller than me.

    Elephant's Child; a tall and sturdy rainbow gum :D

    Plasman; in my immediate family, the only one older than me is my sister. I do still have a few older friends though.

    The Cranky; they're good ones aren't they?

    fishducky; would moving house help?

    Andrew; I remember that joke, not entirely, but the punchline. I plan to live longer than my grandma did.

    Lee; thank you. Right back at you.

    Merle; My grandma was 96, but I never knew her, so don't know what she thought about living so long. It's good when people can make a competition out of things, gives them an interest, something to keep them going.

  12. Ha! they are great and so very true.

  13. ... great magnets River.....
    We have a few 'shorties' in our family... like 4ft 11 and 5 ft.. we love it... xxxx
    I'm the eldest in my family and older than all my friends.... Glad Mum lives with me.. having a 99 year old around helps me feel young.. xxxxx
    Hugs... barb xxx

  14. Margaret-whiteangel; I like a bit of truth to my whimsy.

    Barbara; most of us are shorties, me at five feet, my parents at 5ft2in and 5ft4in, my sister is 4ft 10 in. My brother is about 5ft 11 though, he had a different dad.
    My children and grandchildren keep me young. Or is it that I just never grew up?


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