saw something new and surprising here in Adelaide today

An open "bus" powered by several people pedalling it while having drinks.

go here to see what I saw.

You won't be sorry :D


  1. We have the same thing here, a couple of my nephews absolutely love it. Me? If I drank alcohol I'm not sure I'd want to work that hard for it, but it's fun to watch!

  2. OMG This is funny. I live in the sticks and "no"..... I've never heard of it. I wonder what happens if everyone gets too drunk to pedal. Call AAA to bring some coffee?

  3. Hi River,

    I saw one on Berlin - it was a stag party full of my fellow Brits enjoying a beer while sightseeing.




  4. Good idea maybe not in Sydney to much traffic.

  5. I've seen that on tv recently, can't remember what show tho...

  6. ... what a great fun idea...have never heard of this before..
    I like the idea of 'working' for your beer ..
    Hugs.. Barb xxxxx

  7. I saw one, I think in Amsterdam but I forgot all about it. No, maybe it was Cologne.

  8. The Cranky; with fifteen other people also pedalling, you probably wouldn't have to work hard.

    Joanne; me too.

    Manzanita; I don't think the tour is long enough for anyone to get drunk on. It would be a great way to see the city.

    fishducky; isn't it a fabulous idea!

    Plasman; I've never seen one before, never even heard of them, so they're new to Adelaide.

    Elephant's Child; when I win Lotto, I'll hire one and we can ride around with other blog friends.

    Merle; I'm sure there must be a part of Sydney that is quiet enough.

    Grace; nice to know they're in other countries too.

    Barbara; I'd be working for my soft drink, but it would still be fun.

    Andrew; where isn't as important as seeing one. I'm surprised you never wrote about it.


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