Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

saw something new and surprising here in Adelaide today

An open "bus" powered by several people pedalling it while having drinks.

go here to see what I saw.

You won't be sorry :D


  1. We have the same thing here, a couple of my nephews absolutely love it. Me? If I drank alcohol I'm not sure I'd want to work that hard for it, but it's fun to watch!

  2. OMG This is funny. I live in the sticks and "no"..... I've never heard of it. I wonder what happens if everyone gets too drunk to pedal. Call AAA to bring some coffee?

  3. Hi River,

    I saw one on Berlin - it was a stag party full of my fellow Brits enjoying a beer while sightseeing.




  4. Good idea maybe not in Sydney to much traffic.

  5. I've seen that on tv recently, can't remember what show tho...

  6. ... what a great fun idea...have never heard of this before..
    I like the idea of 'working' for your beer ..
    Hugs.. Barb xxxxx

  7. I saw one, I think in Amsterdam but I forgot all about it. No, maybe it was Cologne.

  8. The Cranky; with fifteen other people also pedalling, you probably wouldn't have to work hard.

    Joanne; me too.

    Manzanita; I don't think the tour is long enough for anyone to get drunk on. It would be a great way to see the city.

    fishducky; isn't it a fabulous idea!

    Plasman; I've never seen one before, never even heard of them, so they're new to Adelaide.

    Elephant's Child; when I win Lotto, I'll hire one and we can ride around with other blog friends.

    Merle; I'm sure there must be a part of Sydney that is quiet enough.

    Grace; nice to know they're in other countries too.

    Barbara; I'd be working for my soft drink, but it would still be fun.

    Andrew; where isn't as important as seeing one. I'm surprised you never wrote about it.