The Pirates of Penzance

I'm watching The Pirates of Penzance with Jon English, Simon Gallagher, Derek Metzger, Helen Donaldson, Toni Lamond, Tim Tyler and The Fabulous Singlettes.

It's poor quality, because I transferred it from an old VHS tape which had already been used quite a lot, but it's still a laugh a minute.


  1. I think I saw him perform live in that show. Impressed that you met him when you saw Mikado. I did not know he was in a production of the show. Did you hear go aflutter when you met him?

  2. Derek Metzger as the Major General; that's hilarious!

  3. It looks like it would be very interesting. I have never saw it. Hug B

  4. Many of those shows didn't make it to Perth but of course I saw Midado etc many, many years ago and I can imagine Jon English in Gilbert and Sullivan's musicals. I believe he was in Jesus Christ Superstar as well.
    I always felt how full of life he was and now that life has been snuffed out far too soon.

  5. I saw him first in Jesus Christ Superstar.

  6. That's an amazingly GOOD pic if you took it right off the tv and all that. :)

  7. Andrew; he was a producer along with Simon Gallagher, they had a company, but I don't remember what it was called. Yes, my heart did a little tap dance.

    Buttons Thoughts; it's a comedy version of the Gilbert and Sullivan play, as is The Mikado and HMAS Pinafore.

    Mimsie; much like many shows that play in the Eastern states don't make it to Adelaide :( Yes, Jon English was in Jesus Christ superstar, which I have never seen.

    Elephant's Child; that's one I haven't seen and probably never will, not being a fan of Marcia Hines.

    Happy Elf Christine; the above images were taken from google images. I was watching the show on my TV and it was quite fuzzy, like when really old style televisions wouldn't pick up signals properly and you saw movies through a "snowstorm". The originals were on VHS tapes and had been watched over and over until they were almost worn out. I transferred them to dvd in case the tapes broke as they sometimes do.


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