Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the answer to the question

Every now and then this question pops up somewhere on the internet.
Usually in a blog post....

Q: are you a folder or a scruncher?

A: Irrelevant.

The more important question - is there enough paper available on the roll?

Where and why did this question originate.
Does anybody really care who folds and who scrunches?

P.S. do not answer the question. I don't care who does what with their toilet paper.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Selections #80

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Time to post photos that have been hiding away in your computer files, photos that you may have completely forgotten about.

This idea comes to us from Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, who realised one day that she takes many more photos than she uses and wanted to post some of them on her blog.

Kim has now retired from Sunday Selections, she has a lot more on her plate these days, but I'll continue posting photos until the mojo runs out.
I'm aiming for 100....

There is no linky list here for anyone to add their name to, but feel free to do your own
Sunday Selections photo posting if you wish.
Perhaps you could link back to me......

This week, I'm bringing you some views of our Torrens River.

The river separates Adelaide from North Adelaide and North Terrace is the last main street before the river.

We start with a photo of one of the many hotels along North Terrace.

This one is the Oaks Horizons Apartment Hotel.

Directly across the road is the Adelaide Convention Centre. It faces North Terrace on one side.....

.....and overlooks the river on the other side. See that curved glass structure on the upper left of the photo?
That's part of the Convention Centre.

Further along the riverbank are steps.....

....leading down to the riverbank from the Festival Theatre, (which I don't have a photo of yet), that fronts onto King William Street and backs onto the riverbank.

King William Street, one of our main roads, crosses the river via this pretty bridge and links Adelaide with North Adelaide.

Some of the things you can see on our river are...

paddleboats, all lined up and ready for a sunny afternoon on the water.

our famous "Popeye", that cruises up and down the river every couple of hours.

You can ride the river and get off at the zoo, see the animals, then get back on the boat when it comes back around again.

There are swans and sometimes baby swans too, (cygnets).

Other water birds too, including many ducks.

We even have a pretty Rotunda.
I hope you've all enjoyed this little peek at part of my city.

Friday, July 27, 2012

One navy blue scarf.

I am attending the memorial service for my friend tomorrow, so decided to buy something new to wear.
Something nicer than the ancient trackies or jeans and cheap men's t-shirts that I usually wear.

I hopped on a bus into the city and wandered through shop after shop after shop, looking at the millions of items on the racks, on the shelves, on reduced/bargain tables.

Three hours I spent doing this and eventually came home with.....wait for navy blue scarf.
Yes, you read that right. I shopped for three hours and bought one scarf.

I am totally clueless when it comes to buying clothes.
I just do not know what to buy.
I don't know what looks good, I don't know what suits me, I don't know what items to put together to get a "look".
And by "look", I mean something that looks good.
On me.
(Plus, I wasn't prepared to spend largish amounts of cash on something I wouldn't wear again).

This goes back to my childhood.
After my mum left, I just wore whatever clothing was available to me.
I have no idea where the clothes came from, they were just there.
I think most things were given to my Dad, for me, by well-meaning neighbours.
Dresses, blouses, shorts, long pants. Even underwear and shoes.
Maybe my Mum sent some things that had been outgrown by the family she was now living with.

I didn't know and I didn't care. I had clothes, that was enough.
I didn't care what I looked like then.

Later, when I left Port Pirie and went to live with Mum, I had a job and began to buy my own clothes.
Jeans and t-shirts. Men's jeans because they were so much cheaper and the smallest size fit me perfectly.
And they were comfortable.
A few skirts for the summer. Dozens of brand new knickers and socks. (No more second-hand knickers for me. Ever)

Once the kids began arriving, I lived in t-shirts and shorts, t-shirts and jeans, anything that was clean and comfortable. And this is what I still do now.
I haven't done any serious clothes shopping since arriving back in Adelaide in the 80's.
All I've done is replace things as they wear out. Mostly t-shirts and socks.
Jeans last forever.
And I still wear men's jeans, because they're wider in the waist than women's jeans, and I'm thick-waisted.
I see other women wearing nice things, and think to myself, I should buy something like that, but I never do. I look at them in the shops and think "what if it won't fit right or look right on me?"

So when an occasion comes along where I might have to dress up a little, or even where I might have to just look a little nicer than I usually do, I often don't go. I don't enjoy gatherings much anyway, so I'm happy enough to miss things like parties etc.

Which brings us to today. Three hours of searching the shops and coming home with one navy blue scarf.

I'll team it with my black work pants, black shoes, navy (newish) t-shirt and my navy padded jacket.
Not dressy, but casually presentable.
And I'll be comfortable.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday #33

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday.

A googled giggle to get you over the hump and sliding into the weekend.

A TARDIS made of toast.

(well, it looks like toast to me)

It could be a side table, a cd cabinet, anything really.

Monday, July 23, 2012


My friend, a loved family member, died today, early in the afternoon.
On her birthday.
She is going to be missed very much.

I'm feeling a little hollow.

Rest In Peace A.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Selections # 79

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Brought to us by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, Sunday Selections is the perfect showcase for all your previously unseen photos.

Here are the oh-so-simple rules.
1. post your photos under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to Kim in your post
3. add your name to Kim's linky list

(edited* Kim may no longer be participating, there's no linky list ....)
I usually have a theme to my Sunday Selections and this week I'm showing you:->

The Winter Garden

The roses have all been pruned, but there is still colour to be found.

In the flowers of this pelargonium.

I love colours this deep and velvety.
I just had to snip a couple of tips to put on my desk.

In these small bushes covered in pretty pink daisies.

And let's not forget the lavenders, those hardy little bringers of sweet scents to our gardens.

I snipped a few tips to perfume my kitchen.

Please feel free to join Sunday Selections anytime.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I got my monkey all wet

I had some sad news earlier today which made me cry.
Not just rolling tears and gentle no,
this was gut-wrenching, out loud sobbing until my ribs, my face, my throat hurt from it.

I hugged the only thing with a face that I had available, my stuffed toy monkey.
Harvey Banana.
(you've all met Harvey, in the Monkey Mayhem Christmas post, then in the moving box post)

By the time I'd calmed down, poor Harvey was quite damp.
He's sitting by the heater now, drying off while I stuff myself with comfort food.

I'm still feeling miserable and there isn't a single thing I can do to stop the unfolding of events that are happening.

A friend is dying.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday #32

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

Wednesday, also known as hump day, the day when a googled giggle is surely welcome as we slip over the edge and slide down into the weekend.

Salami, the Enterprise version.
How very enterprising of someone! (not me)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

kitchen tip #?????

Not exactly environmentally friendly......

Line the base of your oven with a sheet of aluminium foil.
If you keep a tray there to catch spills and overflows, line the tray with aluminium foil instead.

It's much easier to throw away a sheet of foil (once it's been spilled on a few dozen times), than it is to scrub off baked on spillovers.

Monday, July 16, 2012



After two weeks of slothing, eating, sleeping, reading, watching dvds, today I go back to work.

I had planned to kickstart a new health routine.
Wake early, go for a walk, organise my cupboards better, (well I did the cupboard thing), eat more fruit.

Not too much of that actually happened.
Although I did go for a couple of walks, it's been raining off and on, so I stayed home a lot instead.

Because I don't like to get the camera wet.
And I had lots of lovely books to be reading.
And a comfy bed to read them in.
And coffee whenever I wanted it.
And I'm lazy.

The coffee had quite a bit to do with me staying home too.
Coffee makes me pee.
So after having a coffee I pretty much have to stay home for the next few hours, where the bathroom is only a few steps away.

When I'm working, I get only one coffee a day, after I get home from work.
A second coffee would have me up all night going to and from the toilet, which is not good when I have to be at work the next day.

So while I was holidaying, I took the opportunity to have coffee whenever I wanted it.
Selfish of me...but now the routine begins again.

Up early. Go to work. Come home.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Selections #78

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

Brought to us by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, Sunday Selections is a way to show off some of the many photos you've taken, but not yet used on your blog.

Here are the rules->
1. post your photos under the Sunday Selections title
2. Link back to Kim somewhere in your post
3. Add your name to Kim's linky list
4. Leave Kim a comment
This is such an easy meme, why don't you join us?

This week, I bring to you photos of the Adelaide City Railway Station.

Sited near the corner of King William Street and North Terrace, this used to be our Interstate railway Station. As far as I'm concerned it should still be.
But no. Now this is where all of our suburban trains come and go from.
The interstate lines now come and go from Keswick Station, quite a long way out of town and not nearly as pretty. Oddly enough there is no connecting line between Keswick and the City...

Entering through the North Terrace doors, this is what we see. A wide flight of stairs to the left, taking us down to the main floor. On the right, just past the red coke vending machine is a ramp/walkway that takes you back up to the street again. This used to be lined with many interesting little shops, in particular, one which sold continental goods such as cheeses, salamis, Dutch licorice. A little further past that on the left are the turnstiles leading to the platforms.
These two big windows with a door either side used to be a huge cafeteria.
Bustling, noisy, warm and cheerful, entrance was through the left door, exit through the right.

We'd come into the station from Port Pirie and head straight to the cafeteria where we'd get a window table if one was available. We three kids would sit there and wait while Mum and Dad went to the long serving line getting trays and selecting lunch for us all. Usually sandwiches, then jelly (jello) for dessert, with milkshakes for us kids and coffee for themselves.
This was our "once a year" trip to the city. We'd be dressed in our best clothes and leave home very, very early.
Then we'd go shopping in the city. Mum always brought a big empty suitcase with her and on the return trip it would be full of new clothes for us, things for the house and Christmas gifts, to be hidden away until December 24th. (We always received our gifts on Christmas Eve).
A smaller case would be filled with Continental goods from the Central Market.

This cafeteria section is now part of the State Theatre Company.
The entire upstairs levels, accessed by flights of stairs, were huge ladies rooms with sumptuous bathroom fittings and sitting areas, and gentlemens rooms, probably with similar fittings although I never did see inside.
There were shops up there too, although I don't remember what they were, and a very large sitting area with plush carpets and lovely shiny brass light fittings that I loved. 

This is the ceiling, long and slightly arched. On the left you can see the lovely windows which I think are the originals. On the right, the upper level houses the Casino.
I don't see why this beautiful station couldn't have been kept as our Interstate connection, with lines to the suburbs as well. It's a lovely introduction to the City of Adelaide.
(Keswick used to be just the goods trains area).

This is the entrance to the ramp/walkway which takes you back up to North Terrace. Just past the two windows you'll see an opening with stairs leading down to toilets and lockers.

Friday, July 13, 2012

is this the oldest water heater in the city?

When I first moved in here I took photos of the old water heater in the communal backyard area.
Then I lost them.
So I took some you do.
Recently the heater has been leaking, with the ground around it staying damp for up to three meters.

A plumber was called out and was heard to say, "I've never seen anyhting like it. I've been a plumber for 35 years and I've never seen a water heater like this.

It's a huge storage tank, three of me would easily fit inside it, and it services all of the four flats in my building.

It's an odd looking thing, pipes and electrical cords all over it.

I'm not sure of the original heating source, but it is now gas heated with an electric pump that stirs the water.
Why? Who knows? All I know is the pump runs 24/7 and is quite noisy.

Some of the old pipes.

The rubber hosing is looking very weathered and worn.

Another section of hosing. You can see the pipe it is supposed to be protecting is beginning to corrode.

Water dribbling down the sides of the tank.

See all that water on the ground? See the electrical cords lying in it?
The dampness spreads all the way to the washing line and almost to the fence.
Somewhere to the left of these electrical cords are pipes, one of which had sprung a slow leak.
I thought the damp was from overnight rain which hadn't dried up yet, then as it continued to stay damp, I thought is was overflow, since there was always dribbles of water running down the outsides of the tank.
Eventually someone called a plumber who discovered the leaky pipe.

Here's a close-up of the pump. The plumber said it was used to stir up the water, but I can't see why that would be necessary. I think the pump has more to do with maintaining the pressure of the supply to the individual flats.

I haven't walked behind every single block of flats, but it does appear that mine is the only one to still have this older, shared water heater. All the others that I've seen have the individual heaters shown above.
I'm not sure if there are plans to convert my block. It seems like this would be a good idea, but there's a lot of time, work and money involved in such a conversion.
And there may not be enough space to locate them.
In the above photo, you can see two heaters either side of the central access doorway which has the stairs to the upper flats. This block is the "T" that comes off my block.

In "my" block, the left of the access doorway is my closed in back porch which backs on to the end of the lower right hand flat you see here. To the right of our doorway is the water heater, then two small rooms which used to be outdoor shared laundries. These are now filled with junk. So space is an issue.

But as long as I am still able to run my washing machine and have hot showers, that's fine.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

another one? really?

Carbon tax for the masses, (tighten your belts people),
whopping pay rises for the politicians.

My pay rises come in at -- cents per hour twice a year.
Their pay rise is quite a bit more per hour. A lot more.
Double digit dollars per hour.

And then they skipped off for a lovely long six-week break.

Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

How many more taxes can we endure?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday #31

Whimsical Wednesday!

The googled giggle to get you over the mid-week hump
and sliding down into the weekend.

There's something a little fishy about this egg.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ha Ha!!

That's a delighted chuckle type ha ha.
Not a scornful got ya! ha ha.

The reason for the happy?

I don't have to get myself cut and scratched by the rosebushes to prune them.

All last week and today a pair of gardeners has been going around the gardens with drop cloths, heavy duty gloves, pruning saws and sharp snipping tools. They even had a wheel barrow.

Now all the roses have been pruned and I can just sit back and wait to enjoy the new growth and the frothy flush of spring and summer blooms.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Rain" update

Thanks to all of you who suggested avenues I might follow to find a DVD copy of this movie.

My daughter K, who is so much smarter than me, surfed around the internet and found a copy.
She emailed the link to me and I have now purchased a copy of this movie.

I can't wait to watch it again.

Sunday Selections #77

For this week's Sunday Selections I have a few photos of things around my home.

My favourite thing of all, my bamboo back scratcher.  I bought it at the Brickworks Markets in 1993.

The fins of my column heater.

Just one of my handbags, this one I bought from an Avon clearance catalogue.

Peeking through the slats to the front porch.

Furled umbrella.

The stained glass of my butterfly lamp.

Looking through the door screen.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

senior moments?

Happening way too often around here for my liking!

I try to do without turning on my heater at least until the sun goes down.
So I'm sitting here in layers of warm clothes, but still feeling cold, so I turned on the heater.
Ten minutes later I wandered over to it to see why it wasn't warming up.
Ooops! I'd forgotten to turn on the switch where it is plugged in.

Going into the kitchen yesterday and making a cup of coffee, wiping up the puddle where the kettle drips as it pours, turning off the kitchen light, getting comfy on the couch, then realising my coffee is still on the kitchen bench.

Walking into the bathroom and wondering what the heck I was there for.

Looking all over for my pen and finding it 6 inches from where I'd been sitting.

Putting the gladwrap in the fridge and realising what I was doing as I almost put the wrapped cheese in the drawer.

Earlier today, I sent a text to my daughter saying I was sitting in the sun, drinking coffee.
oh no! I've turned into my mother!
Mum spent days (weeks/months/years) at a time sitting in the sun drinking coffee.
Without even reading a book!!
Just.....sitting there.
As I'd just been doing.

Now for some good news.
This morning I had lunch in the city with no-one and told her about my failed attempts to find the movie Rain.
When I turned on the computer, after having my coffee in the sun on the front porch, there was an email from her with a link to where I might buy the movie.
On ebay.
Where I'd already looked.
Without success.

Now I know my girl is smarter and cleverer than me by about 300%, so I followed the link and bought the movie.
With free shipping!

I'm attributing all these "more than usual" senior moments to the fact that I'm currently taking a holiday from work.
Clearly my mind has decided it needs more holiday than my body does and has taken itself off somewhere.
And winter.
Brain freeze.

Friday, July 6, 2012

where can I buy this?

IMDb has this movie listed as being available from Amazon.

sorry IMDb, it's NOT THERE!!
Also not at JB HiFi
also not at
also not at BigW online
also not on EBay

Where else can I look?
Suggestions welcome.
Of course it has to be in English.....

A 2003 movie titled Rain. I saw this on TV a few years ago. 

A German Shepherd named Rain is trained to fight in the Vietnam War and his intelligence and courage in the face of adversity wins the respect and loyalty of his platoon.

Director:   Robert J. Wilson
Writers:    Martin Kitrosser, John McGowan
Stars:        Susan Dey, Scott Cooper, Mark Kiely and Pamela Moore Somers

I loved this movie and I've searched Amazon from top to bottom for a week.
Left them a message on the "did you find what you were looking for" link.
I searched JB HiFi and left a message on the "contact us" link.
Visited the above mentioned places, no luck there.

Does anyone out there know where I can buy a DVD copy of this movie??

P.S. IMDb, maybe you should check before listing availability?
Well, okay, that was a bit rude of me.
But I want this movie and I'm cranky that I can't find it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

just a couple of things

I'd been out walking and as I came towards home, I passed the flat with the nice roses in the garden, the one where I'd photographed the pretty cat. The curtains and blinds are always open there during the day and if you're looking at the garden in passing, as I do, you notice things on the windowsill. (it's a ground floor flat).
Well, today I was walking past and the side curtain was pulled back a bit further and the woman living there waved at me. I was surprised enough to wave back. We've never met.
Perhaps I'll make a friend there when the weather warms up and we're outside more.

Listening to the TV weather forecast and heard that some areas of SA are going to be icy tonight.
-1 and -2 degrees.
Ugh! Rug up people.
Add extra rugs to the couch, put on your bedsocks, wear the dressing gown to bed, it's going to get cold. Icy cold!
Makes me wish I hadn't watered the front porch pots late this afternoon, they might freeze overnight.

While I was out, I saw another section of the bridge I'd featured a few days ago, this section date stamped 1936. The sections are identical apart from the differing date, so now I'm wondering when the bridges and storm drains were constructed and why the different dates. Is this "new" one part of the same creek? Or is it  a bridge over different waters? Do the two converge at some point?  I'll probably never know.

Again on TV, an expose on imported breads being sold at Coles.

"Victoria's former Premier Jeff Kennett has declared war on Coles Supermarket, branding its fresh and local campaign a 'con'.

Mr Kennett has accused the supermarket giant of deceptive behaviour by selling cheap imported bread, insisting it is not only misleading customers but will eventually drive Australian manufacturers out of business.
He says a new range of bread products sold as 'CuisineRoyale', are labelled Australian and carry the slogan 'Baked Today, Sold Today', but small print on the back of the pack revealed they were made in Ireland"..........

I'm quite sure the "fresh and local" campaign refers only to the fruit and veg products which are increasingly being sourced from local areas, ie, SA grown for SA stores, probably Vic grown for Victorian stores and so on. I'm not sure about the origin of our meat products.
The representative interviewed said the bread products were a trial only, to see if the customers would buy them.
(Fair enough, but, why not find these items locally and trial them?)
For a blast from the past, go to YouTube and listen to Mac Davis singing "It's Hard To Be Humble".

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday # 30

It's Wednesday again! Yes, already, doesn't time fly?
Whimsical Wednesday, "hump" day, middle of the week,
when we are all dreaming of the weekend to come.
Here is your weekly googled giggle to help you through.

The sunglasses live on.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the new kick-start diet

I saw the new and improved Kick-Start diet on TV last night.
It was a featured story on Today Tonight, but I wasn't paying a lot of attention, I did notice that it featured a lot of soup, much like the original kick-start diet.
So this morning I got onto Google and found the recipe for the soup.

Here it is:->

3 tomatoes
2 large cans of crushed tomatoes
2 cans of liquid stock, either beef, chicken or vegetable     (stock comes in cans? what size cans?)
2 cups water
1 packet dry vegetable soup powder or French Onion soup powder
1 bunch spring onions
1 bunch celery
2 cups green beans
3 green capsicums
1kg carrots
2 stock cubes, either beef, chicken or vegetable

chop all vegetables into small pieces, add to the pot with everything else, rapid boil for two minutes, then simmer until vegetables are tender.  

Makes enough for one person for two days.

Eat as much as you want, whenever you want, during the day.
Instead of your usual foods of course.

(This reminds me of a joke, where a person goes to the doctor needing to lose weight.
The doctor works up a diet plan which he then gives to the patient.
The patient looks it over and says it looks quite good, very reasonable and does he take this before or after meals?
Ha Ha.)

Looks okay at first glance......but.......(ha ha, there's always a but), we have liquid stock, plus dry soup powder, which is essentially a dry stock, and on top of that, we have two extra stock cubes.

Why?  Why so much stock?  Doesn't make sense to me.

There's a seven day eating plan, called stage one, which goes like this:->
No bread, no fried foods, no oils

Day one:- soup and fruit, no bananas
Day two:- soup and vegetables, no pea, corn or beans. I'm guessing this means no extra beans,
                 because there are beans in the soup and I can't see people fishing them out.........
Day three:-soup and vegatables and fruit, no potatoes
Day four:- soup and banana smoothies  (yay! bananas!)
Day five:- soup and beef and tomatoes. This goes on to say a piece of beef or chicken no bigger than
                  a  deck of cards, (I'm fine with that, it's the size I usually eat), and six tomatoes. 
Day six:- soup and beef (or chicken) and vegetables, no potatoes. (again? damn, I love potatoes...)
Day seven:- soup and brown rice (add it to the soup?) and vegetables and fruit juice.

The program recommends a half hour of steady-to-brisk walking per day, and the three participants shown lost between 4 and 6 kilos in the first week.
They did their walking on treadmills.

The diet program also recommends drinking coffee or tea or water, I don't remember exactly how much, but it seemed like more than I'd normally drink in one day if I was just staying at home.
(I drink more water when I'm working so that I don't dehydrate)

I know that if I tried this diet, I'd have to do the walking first thing in the morning before I started on the soup, because there is so much liquid, I'd be running to the toilet all day long.
I definitely couldn't try this if I was going off to work every day, a checkout isn't the sort of place a person can just walk away from to go and pee several times an hour.
More so when there are only two main checkouts open and people are lining up to be processed through.

I have to say, in all honesty, that I won't be trying this.
Well, I like garlic in my soups, and cabbage, (and a potato sometimes), and on day five it says six tomatoes, which is more tomatoes than I could possibly eat in one day.
Also because I prefer leeks to spring onions if I'm making soup.

Stage two is where certain carbohydrates are slowly reintroduced. Low GI carbs of course.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Selections #76

This is where I usually type the blurb about how Sunday Selections was brought to us by Kim, of
Frog Ponds Rock, and then ask you to post your photos with a link back to her in your post and to add your name to Kim's linky list.

But Kim has mentioned that she may not be continuing with Sunday Selections, I'm guessing she has far too much real life living to be getting on with these days.
Kim has asked if I would like to take over the hosting duties, but I've said no.

I will continue to post photos on Sundays, with the Sunday Selections title, but I won't have a link to add your name to should you wish to also carry on with the meme.
I'm not sure if Kim will be posting a final farewell Selection today.

So here for your enjoyment is this week's Sunday Selection.

I was taking a walk in a different direction when I found Glen Osmond Creek.
There are a few such creeks throughout Adelaide, First Creek, Second Creek and so on, most of them have had a storm water catchment drain built along them like this one.

Here it is coming through a tunnel under someone's property.....

...towards and under the road I am standing on.
Well, I was on the footpath.....

This is one side of the bridge. On the other side of the road, an identical bridge was graffiti marked so I didn't photograph it.

It's datestamped 1941, which makes it 71 years old.

Here is the creek on the other side of the road as it meanders along towards the Patawalonga Basin.

See this thin little trickle of water?
That's what most of our creeks look like even in the winter when we've had a fair amount of rain.
Immediately following rain there is a bit more water flowing along, but that doesn't last, it peters out fairly quickly.
We're a dry country here in Australia, and South Australia is the dryest state.