Whimsical Wednesday #32

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

Wednesday, also known as hump day, the day when a googled giggle is surely welcome as we slip over the edge and slide down into the weekend.

Salami, the Enterprise version.
How very enterprising of someone! (not me)


  1. Salami. ERRRRRRCK!

    I don't want to seem pushy but you haven't responded to the modest suggestion that I move into your place. We could turn the joint into a literary salon with big names like Sixth in Line giving readings of their work. Of course it might mean a bit of toil for you putting out bottles and running around emptying ash trays and you might even get the arse from the joint in the end but you'd be doing a lot for your country!


  2. R.H. I was trying to think of a way to let you down easy.
    I have asthma, you're a smoker...it wouldn't work out at all.
    Plus there is NO WAY I am running around cleaning up ashtrays and empties ever again.
    Also I don't want to get booted out of my home.
    And I like salami.

    CarrieBoo; BYO buns.

  3. It's life River..but not as we know it...

  4. Tempo; nice quote.

    R.H. you'll get over it.


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