I got my monkey all wet

I had some sad news earlier today which made me cry.
Not just rolling tears and gentle hiccuping....no no,
this was gut-wrenching, out loud sobbing until my ribs, my face, my throat hurt from it.

I hugged the only thing with a face that I had available, my stuffed toy monkey.
Harvey Banana.
(you've all met Harvey, in the Monkey Mayhem Christmas post, then in the moving box post)

By the time I'd calmed down, poor Harvey was quite damp.
He's sitting by the heater now, drying off while I stuff myself with comfort food.

I'm still feeling miserable and there isn't a single thing I can do to stop the unfolding of events that are happening.

A friend is dying.


  1. I am so sorry. And those of us who have been in that situation know we can do nothing to truly help. Words don't do a thing. All we can do is hope Harvey Banana holds up and that you can have time with your friend. I do know some of my most precious moments were during that time, in my own situation. May there be those moments for you with your friend. Oh, I am so sorry.

  2. Sorry things have taken a bad turn. I'm glad Harvey was there for you. Calm and peaceful thoughts headed your way.

  3. JeanetteLS; thank you. Her entire immediate family is with her almost 24/7, I don't feel as if I can intrude.

    Delores; there are sad days ahead, but I have memories that will see me through.

  4. Hi River,

    I'm really sorry to hear that.




  5. So sorry to hear this, River. Bugger, eh.

    I hope Harvey doesn't turn into a gremlin when you get him wet. X

  6. Sorry to hear. I hope you are able to see her again but if not, you have the memories.

  7. Terribly sad news is always hard to take..

  8. Plasman; she's been ill a long while, but it still hits hard when the end comes close.

    CarrieBoo; the big C is a bitch. No gremlins here.

    Andrew; I don't want to intrude at this late stage, she wouldn't know I was there anyway. I'll have the memories.

    Tempo; we knew this was coming, but it still hits hard.

  9. I'm so sorry

    Gentle hugs

  10. Harvey is pleased he was there to help you say goodbye.

  11. May your friend rest in peace. Hug.

  12. pesky pixies; thank you

    Joanne; We haven't said goodbye just yet, she's hanging on, but struggling to breathe now.

    drb; the peace is coming, any day now, but not just yet.

    kelley; :( is what all of our faces look like now. She is going to be missed so very much.

  13. LOVE to you my dear friend River. and I will give you a HUGE hug when I see you in September xoxoox

  14. That anonymous was me. I must have clicked the wrong button. xox

  15. They say even in a coma like state they can still hear your voice, maybe worth a trip? If not then you can still say a prayer for her peace.

    Sad face River!

  16. Let it all out any time you need to and hold on to those memories x

  17. Kim; thank you, I knew it was you. A died today, on her birthday.

    Jennifer Kay; :(

    Fenstar de Luxe; I don't often let it out, I'm a hold it all in type, but I've been crying a lot. The memories will help.


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