the answer to the question

Every now and then this question pops up somewhere on the internet.
Usually in a blog post....

Q: are you a folder or a scruncher?

A: Irrelevant.

The more important question - is there enough paper available on the roll?

Where and why did this question originate.
Does anybody really care who folds and who scrunches?

P.S. do not answer the question. I don't care who does what with their toilet paper.


  1. You are right. The most important question should be "Do you replace the empty roll or leave it for the next person?"

  2. I am not sure how I know as I never really watched Big Brother, but I recall the question being asked of someone on that show and that must have been nearly a decade ago.

  3. And there's the words written on the package of toilet paper claiming, "Made from recycled toilet paper." I shudder to think about that :)

  4. You are right about the important question. And if there isn't is there a spare roll nearby, and as Sarah says do you replace the empty roll or rely on the fairies to do it for you.

  5. LOL We have had toilet paper arguments lately, and NOT over folder/scruncher but over finishing a roll and NOT replacing it. HOW HARD IS IT, PEOPLE?? (people = my family)

  6. Be a replacer, not a folder or a scruncher, and you will be valued beyond measure.

  7. This question should be mandatory for all job interviews.

    It also refers to how people chuck away papers.

    If you are looking for someone who is neat and meticulous, is process driven and always on time you need a FOLDER.

    If you want someone who is creative, can multi task, can handle interruptions, is outgoing and a people person you need a SCRUNCHER.

    Do you agree?

  8. I once read about 100 comments on this very topic... in my defense, I had just done a piece on the history of toilets and toilet-roll, but it was funny.

  9. We had an outside dunny (thunder box) the only place you could get peace in a big family. I can't recall if the posh classes had toilet rolls in those days but we used newspaper. It was good, anything is interesting to read when you're having a poop, even the death notices.
    I'm never buying Coles toilet paper again, it's cheap but it's thin, you use twice as much. Miss River should be ashamed to work for a place selling such a rip-off (ha ha) product.

  10. That was *my* question to you (she says, pretending to be offended) :P

    As a proud SCRUNCHER, I always replace the bog roll - never just leave that one or two squares that are stuck on with strips of glue - and even make sure that there's a spare roll nearby as well.

    SCRUNCHER, baby!

  11. Agreed, a nonsense question fully in the TMI category. (too much information)

  12. Delores; thank you.

    Sarah; even that really shouldn't be a question. As far as I'm concerned whoever empties the roll (or nearly empties) should immediately replace it.

    Andrew; it just keeps popping up doesn't it?

    klahanie; I'm pretty sure it just says recycled paper.

    EC; there should always be spare rolls close enough and there's no such thing as the roll fairy. Not in my house anyway.

    Cate Pearce; it's not at all hard, we've demonstrated for years how simple it is. Why haven't "they" learned. (learnt?)

    Joanne; yes, please, let us all be replacers.

    drb; what we need are creative multitaskers who are neat and meticulous and know how and when to replace the roll.

    CarrieBoo; I'd like to read that. I once did a post on toilet paper and toilets, how they'd changed from outside dunnies with newspaper, to the inside toilets with soft rolls of tissue.

    R.H. we had one of those too, with newspaper squares hanging on a big old meat hook and a rolled up newspaper nearby to whack the spiders with.

    Kath Lockett; yes, I remember you did ask the question, but you're not the only one. It's the sort of question that gets dredged up every few years or so. It was brought to mind after I'd dreamed of toilet paper spinning and spinning off the roll. Hence the post.

    Tempo; I agree, TMI. although I did once or twice answer the question in a meme or two.

  13. Hi River,

    Kath made me answer it ;-)

    And I answered it.

    I won't share my answer with you (but you know it because you read it).





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