After two weeks of slothing, eating, sleeping, reading, watching dvds, today I go back to work.

I had planned to kickstart a new health routine.
Wake early, go for a walk, organise my cupboards better, (well I did the cupboard thing), eat more fruit.

Not too much of that actually happened.
Although I did go for a couple of walks, it's been raining off and on, so I stayed home a lot instead.

Because I don't like to get the camera wet.
And I had lots of lovely books to be reading.
And a comfy bed to read them in.
And coffee whenever I wanted it.
And I'm lazy.

The coffee had quite a bit to do with me staying home too.
Coffee makes me pee.
So after having a coffee I pretty much have to stay home for the next few hours, where the bathroom is only a few steps away.

When I'm working, I get only one coffee a day, after I get home from work.
A second coffee would have me up all night going to and from the toilet, which is not good when I have to be at work the next day.

So while I was holidaying, I took the opportunity to have coffee whenever I wanted it.
Selfish of me...but now the routine begins again.

Up early. Go to work. Come home.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.


  1. You have my sympathy. That will be me tomorrow after three weeks of leave. I suppose I can do it.

  2. I drink eight cups a day and am a blog favourite.

    (Maybe that's my secret)

  3. I feel the same way River! Bleh sums it all.

  4. I'm the same with coffee. I can't have one before I go out for a walk. At least you got your cupboards organised.

    Enjoy being back at work (as much as you can!)

  5. Andrew; I heard at work today that next Monday is stocktake day. Aaaarrrrgh!!! If I'd known, I would have taken that day off too. but it's too late now, I'm on the roster.

    R.H. 8 cups? If I drank 8 coffees a day, I'd have to live in the bathroom permanently.

    drb; bleh is a great word.

    Sarah; It makes things a bit awkward when you've had a coffee, knowing you have no plans for the day, then someone phones and says would you like to....?

  6. I love coffee but same as you I spend way too much time in the loo. Isnt it about time someone invented Pee Free Coffee?

  7. I have two cups soon as I get up and about three fags, then I cough for about twenty minutes. After that a slice of toast then back to bed with the curtains closed. I hate noise outside, people doing things. Idiots. It gets me angry.

  8. Tempo; in my case the problem seems to be the type of coffee. I most often drink International Roast, (it's cheap), it's what was always in our house when I began drinking coffee, and I have it with lots of sugar. I thought for a time that the sugar was a problem, but I've recently been drinking those "fake" cappucinos by Nescafe. They come in sachets in packs of ten and I use the same amount of sugar in those without needing to pee every half hour. Try changing brands and see if that makes a difference.

    R.H. two coffees, three fags and a twenty minute cough? Not the most healthy of breakfasts, but that's your choice. Try earplugs for the noise.

  9. They're talking about Proust on another blog, he had a cork-lined room.

    Maybe I'll just come to your place.

  10. Hi River,

    The only thing worse than Monday is Monday after a holiday.

    I hate Mondays.




  11. R.H. Proust??

    Plasman; I'm not keen on Mondays myself, but if I took Mondays off then Tuesday would become the new Monday. It's a vicious cycle that we can't get away from.

  12. When I was working full time I always found the weekend to be ruined for me because I knew I had to go back to work.

  13. Delores; I find that too. Fridays and Saturdays are taken up with cleaning and shopping, so Sunday is the only totally free day, but I'm edgy because of going back to work Mondays.


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