Whimsical Wednesday # 30

It's Wednesday again! Yes, already, doesn't time fly?
Whimsical Wednesday, "hump" day, middle of the week,
when we are all dreaming of the weekend to come.
Here is your weekly googled giggle to help you through.

The sunglasses live on.


  1. Now THAT`S a good one!!!

  2. Delores; I was wondering if anyone would like it. I think it should have had the moustache too.

  3. This is best because I really don't remember the moustache.

  4. Joanne; the moustache was from the Sgt.Pepper days.

    kelley@magnetoboldtoo; glad I gave you a laugh.

  5. Kath Lockett; coincidentally I heard a couple of John lennon's songs over store pa's today.

    Jayne; some people are so clever. I would never have thought of this.


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