Sunday Selections #77

For this week's Sunday Selections I have a few photos of things around my home.

My favourite thing of all, my bamboo back scratcher.  I bought it at the Brickworks Markets in 1993.

The fins of my column heater.

Just one of my handbags, this one I bought from an Avon clearance catalogue.

Peeking through the slats to the front porch.

Furled umbrella.

The stained glass of my butterfly lamp.

Looking through the door screen.


  1. This is very charming. My sister has a picture through the blinds of her husband in the hammoc. Great picture.

  2. Everyone who lives alone should have a back scratcher.

  3. Joanne; things look different when seen through other things don't they? I particularly like the effect the screen door has on the photo.

    Delores; that one is my oldest back scratcher. I had a newer, plastic one, but the handle snapped. The bamboo one is more flexible.

  4. As your prospective third husband I'm growing my nails long.

  5. R.H. hahahahaha!!! There'll be no more marrying for me. I like living alone.

  6. Love the stripey reds and the fabric of the bag - let me know if you find an across-the-chest version that could carry a big camera and hide my wallet....

  7. Kath Lockett; sorry, I bought this at least six years ago and it was from an Avon clearance catalogue. I'd be surprised if there were any others.

  8. Well curse the bloody Housing Commission, full of smug divorcees!

  9. The back scratcher is something we have too though yours look way cooler.


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