senior moments?

Happening way too often around here for my liking!

I try to do without turning on my heater at least until the sun goes down.
So I'm sitting here in layers of warm clothes, but still feeling cold, so I turned on the heater.
Ten minutes later I wandered over to it to see why it wasn't warming up.
Ooops! I'd forgotten to turn on the switch where it is plugged in.

Going into the kitchen yesterday and making a cup of coffee, wiping up the puddle where the kettle drips as it pours, turning off the kitchen light, getting comfy on the couch, then realising my coffee is still on the kitchen bench.

Walking into the bathroom and wondering what the heck I was there for.

Looking all over for my pen and finding it 6 inches from where I'd been sitting.

Putting the gladwrap in the fridge and realising what I was doing as I almost put the wrapped cheese in the drawer.

Earlier today, I sent a text to my daughter saying I was sitting in the sun, drinking coffee.
oh no! I've turned into my mother!
Mum spent days (weeks/months/years) at a time sitting in the sun drinking coffee.
Without even reading a book!!
Just.....sitting there.
As I'd just been doing.

Now for some good news.
This morning I had lunch in the city with no-one and told her about my failed attempts to find the movie Rain.
When I turned on the computer, after having my coffee in the sun on the front porch, there was an email from her with a link to where I might buy the movie.
On ebay.
Where I'd already looked.
Without success.

Now I know my girl is smarter and cleverer than me by about 300%, so I followed the link and bought the movie.
With free shipping!

I'm attributing all these "more than usual" senior moments to the fact that I'm currently taking a holiday from work.
Clearly my mind has decided it needs more holiday than my body does and has taken itself off somewhere.
And winter.
Brain freeze.


  1. Oh is that a Senior moment? Shit..I'm getting old!

  2. Tempo; almost anything ca be excused with "oh I'm having a senior moment".

  3. I've been doing some of those things for years....especially the "just sitting" thing. None of these things have anything to do with being senior. They are the product of a creative mind that is far too busy with other things to be bothered with the day to day humdrum we call life ie turning on appliances.

  4. You have no idea what a comfort it is to read senior moments from someone else. Mine is having an errand to run and turning the other direction, on my path to work. I wonder if that counts as distracted driving.

  5. Senior Moment?!

    I'd just assumed that my brain had taken a small vacation!


  6. You're not alone, River. I get them too (and an increasing amount).


    Why should we age and become so absent-minded?




  7. Tell me about it :( I do those things all the time

  8. It certainly does make life more interesting ... and I agree, it usually happens when you aren't doing anything productive. Just sort of wondering around thinking about what to do next. The problem is, you don't know when they are going to happen, so you can't plan for them. I love being old ... it is amazing what I can get away with senior moments and all :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. Delores; I like that point of view!

    Joanne; I do that too! I got to the city one day and instead of heading to the shops, I walked to the bus stop where I usually catch the bus to work.

    Pearl; my brain takes far too many vacations lately.

    Plasman; the ageing I don't mind. It's the absent-mindedness that I do mind. If I sit to do nothing on purpose that's entirely different.

    Molly; welcome to drifting. Maybe we should start writing notes to ourselves. "I'm going into the bedroom to (insert purpose here), then when we get to the bedroom we can remind ourselves by reading the note.

    Andrea; welcome to drifting. wondering what to do next is fine, I can sit and give it some thought. But having a purpose, then forgetting what that purpose was ten seconds later, is a little annoying.

  10. Hi River, I just came back from 2 conferences and learnt a new fact! As the brain gets older, it has problem taking up glucose to burn as fuel. Our brain per minute burns up more energy than the one leg used to run a whole marathon. Adding to the problem, our brain can't absorb the fat in the blood to burn as fuel, so it starts to digest itself - the start of dementia!!! Yucks!! Therefore to counteract that, seniors should eat more proteins so that the brain will stop digesting itself.
    Have a lot of stew and chicken broth!!!

  11. Read this:

  12. drb; more proteins! I agree with that. I've noticed that I feel more alert for a day or two when I've eaten a steak for dinner. And it only needs to be a small steak. I usually buy one about the size of my palm or a bit smaller.

  13. Hmmmmm - I do *all* the things you've described too.

    So - lots more protein for me and the'disguise' of a big book when I'm drinking coffee outside in the sun :)

  14. Kath Lockett; I'm feeling the need for protein more now that it's cold here. Steak for dinner tonight!


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