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I'd been out walking and as I came towards home, I passed the flat with the nice roses in the garden, the one where I'd photographed the pretty cat. The curtains and blinds are always open there during the day and if you're looking at the garden in passing, as I do, you notice things on the windowsill. (it's a ground floor flat).
Well, today I was walking past and the side curtain was pulled back a bit further and the woman living there waved at me. I was surprised enough to wave back. We've never met.
Perhaps I'll make a friend there when the weather warms up and we're outside more.

Listening to the TV weather forecast and heard that some areas of SA are going to be icy tonight.
-1 and -2 degrees.
Ugh! Rug up people.
Add extra rugs to the couch, put on your bedsocks, wear the dressing gown to bed, it's going to get cold. Icy cold!
Makes me wish I hadn't watered the front porch pots late this afternoon, they might freeze overnight.

While I was out, I saw another section of the bridge I'd featured a few days ago, this section date stamped 1936. The sections are identical apart from the differing date, so now I'm wondering when the bridges and storm drains were constructed and why the different dates. Is this "new" one part of the same creek? Or is it  a bridge over different waters? Do the two converge at some point?  I'll probably never know.

Again on TV, an expose on imported breads being sold at Coles.

"Victoria's former Premier Jeff Kennett has declared war on Coles Supermarket, branding its fresh and local campaign a 'con'.

Mr Kennett has accused the supermarket giant of deceptive behaviour by selling cheap imported bread, insisting it is not only misleading customers but will eventually drive Australian manufacturers out of business.
He says a new range of bread products sold as 'CuisineRoyale', are labelled Australian and carry the slogan 'Baked Today, Sold Today', but small print on the back of the pack revealed they were made in Ireland"..........

I'm quite sure the "fresh and local" campaign refers only to the fruit and veg products which are increasingly being sourced from local areas, ie, SA grown for SA stores, probably Vic grown for Victorian stores and so on. I'm not sure about the origin of our meat products.
The representative interviewed said the bread products were a trial only, to see if the customers would buy them.
(Fair enough, but, why not find these items locally and trial them?)
For a blast from the past, go to YouTube and listen to Mac Davis singing "It's Hard To Be Humble".


  1. Made in IRELAND....? How on earth can they be made on the other side of the world, be sent here and somehow be affordable and edible...?

  2. I had a low remark to make about my days as a Peeping Tom but your mention of the woman in the window was just too touching. I do hope you've found a friend there.

    I'm fascinated by dates on old bridges and things. The local council might have some information if you tell them you're researching it.

    Most state premiers retire into obscurity but Jeff seems hungry for publicity. I really wonder if he's the full quid, he's never been totally rational.

    According to Delroy, Ireland has a population of just four million.
    I was very surprised. But when you think about it, people have been their biggest export since about 1840.

  3. It's icy cold where you are? Oh my gosh it's 101 degrees here in Michigan today...so hard to believe it's that different in the places we live, huh?

    Keep WARM!

  4. Kath Lockett; I suspect there's some freezing involved.

    R.H. it would be nice to make a friend here.

    Jennifer Kay; it's warm enough in the daytime while the sun is out, if you can stay out of the wind which is a bit chilly. it's the night times that are getting really cold. We'll only have a few weeks like this though, then things will start to warm up again.

  5. I guess the bread is prepared in Ireland and just baked here. It is deceptive.

  6. Andrew; yes, that's possible. Frozen bread dough wouldn't take up much space, then all we'd do here is thaw and bake, then package.


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