Ha Ha!!

That's a delighted chuckle type ha ha.
Not a scornful got ya! ha ha.

The reason for the happy?

I don't have to get myself cut and scratched by the rosebushes to prune them.

All last week and today a pair of gardeners has been going around the gardens with drop cloths, heavy duty gloves, pruning saws and sharp snipping tools. They even had a wheel barrow.

Now all the roses have been pruned and I can just sit back and wait to enjoy the new growth and the frothy flush of spring and summer blooms.


  1. The brother of a close friend pruned his roses with a Whipper sniper and hedge trimmer. Of course I thought they would all die but they didn't and in fact produced beautiful flowers year after year, prune after prune. Maybe we are too fussy about our roses. I suggest you simply back the car over them a few times when they need a trim...

  2. I too think we are sold a bit of a con about roses. I think they would probably do just as well with a clip with shears. Do report to us on how well they bloom.

  3. Winning! I love roses. Hate the thorns.

  4. Now that's my kind of gardening.

  5. Waiting for the pictures! The deer eat ours to the ground. Then eat the roots. They eat the day lilies, in bud. We wondered where the flowers were and discovered hunreds of neatly bitten off stems.

  6. Jayne; I should take photos. I really should. But I'm sitting here in my pj's wishing breakfast would magically appear in front of me......

    Tempo; I worried at first because the gardens at the front of the complex were very roughly pruned with a chainsaw, there were badly torn stems everywhere. But they've been tidied up now and the bushes by my flat were properly done.

    Andrew; I often don't follow the rules about pruning roses, they're tough old things and survive anyway.

    Melissa; nice to see you here! I'll take a photo of the thorns on these big old-fashioned roses. They're huge, dense and vicious.

    Delores; Mine too. Although I don't mind pottering around out there, but these two men did a great job in half the time I would have.

    Joanne; damn deer! I'll be taking photos when the new blooms begin. It will be a couple of months away at least.

  7. That reminds me, I need to do ours!

  8. That's great! Sounds like this place is really a good change for you. :)

  9. Anonymous, I have bad news:

    You are not interesting.

  10. Lightening; it's time, get out the pruning saw and the leather gloves.

    Happy Elf Mom; I'm liking it here.

    R.H. thank you.

    Kelley@magnetoboldtoo; that's what I said!


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