Sunday Selections #76

This is where I usually type the blurb about how Sunday Selections was brought to us by Kim, of
Frog Ponds Rock, and then ask you to post your photos with a link back to her in your post and to add your name to Kim's linky list.

But Kim has mentioned that she may not be continuing with Sunday Selections, I'm guessing she has far too much real life living to be getting on with these days.
Kim has asked if I would like to take over the hosting duties, but I've said no.

I will continue to post photos on Sundays, with the Sunday Selections title, but I won't have a link to add your name to should you wish to also carry on with the meme.
I'm not sure if Kim will be posting a final farewell Selection today.

So here for your enjoyment is this week's Sunday Selection.

I was taking a walk in a different direction when I found Glen Osmond Creek.
There are a few such creeks throughout Adelaide, First Creek, Second Creek and so on, most of them have had a storm water catchment drain built along them like this one.

Here it is coming through a tunnel under someone's property.....

...towards and under the road I am standing on.
Well, I was on the footpath.....

This is one side of the bridge. On the other side of the road, an identical bridge was graffiti marked so I didn't photograph it.

It's datestamped 1941, which makes it 71 years old.

Here is the creek on the other side of the road as it meanders along towards the Patawalonga Basin.

See this thin little trickle of water?
That's what most of our creeks look like even in the winter when we've had a fair amount of rain.
Immediately following rain there is a bit more water flowing along, but that doesn't last, it peters out fairly quickly.
We're a dry country here in Australia, and South Australia is the dryest state.


  1. Two years older than I am, and carrying on just as well. Thanks for the lovely shots. Oh, and that bridge could use a little sprucing up. Oh, on second thought, don't worry about it. It's still doing the job.

  2. Fab photos, River, thanks!
    I didn't realise there were wee creeks trickling through/behind/under backyards like that, most of them in suburban Melb have been made into stormwater channels away from housing.

  3. Joanne; sprucing up isn't done around these parts. Councils and governments are too busy fighting over who is going to use our taxes and how. Much of the time these creeks are completely dry anyway and in some areas a few shameful people dump rubbish in the channels.

    Jayne; Adelaide and the hills are full of little creeks. My daughter has one going through her hills property.

  4. That bridge is as old as my father!

  5. I've never seen anything like that before. Interesting. I guess it's added security if the weather decided to go nuts. Too bad people have to go littering in them. Grrr!

    I left a quick reply on my blog, but thought I'd respond here more fully now that I've tried the download myself... I know she got hit by a crazy storm yesterday and lost power (right before her book release, doh!) and I didn't get an email from her, so I'm a little bit worried, but have just tried emailing her again. It's weird as you say you managed to download for free? For me, Amazon still says $3.99. 40th in line... I think you're just in some sort of downloading queue and it should be okay once the system catches up to itself. Don't think you have to wait for 40 people to read it! :) That would stink. LOL.

    I think it's time for a second coffee. Hope your copy comes through soon! And thanks, River!

  6. Kath Lockett; your dad is 71? But aren't you just 26 or so? Hmmm?

    CarrieBoo; ooops, I didn't make myself clear enough. I downloaded the book without any trouble, it took 2 minutes, and it was $3.99 for me too, but what I meant was I already have 46 other books downloaded on my kindle and I'm reading them in the order I downloaded them. It's like carrying around a whole library in my handbag!

    The littering in the storm drains is pretty bad in some suburbs and when storm water rushes down it all gets swept along and clogs up the outlets.

  7. How the hell could K Lockett be 26 when she's got a daughter aged 13?

    Beware of these idiots pushing their books, they can't write you'd do better at it yourself.

  8. Oh!!! LOL. Silly me. Well that was lovely of you to download. Bless your heart. She's still hasn't got any power, poor luv. So much for her book release weekend! 46 books to read? Wow!!! :)

  9. R.H. that was a joke, it's something women do to make themselves and others feel younger. I'm sure you've heard them do it. One says you look so young and the other squeals and says thank you so much. It's all exaggerated, but in a fun way.
    I never download a book without reading the first chapter to see if it will hold my interest.

    CarrieBoo; the lack of power won't stop people downloading because the book is already at Amazon. it just might not be free. Perhaps she could do a post-launch?


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