another one? really?

Carbon tax for the masses, (tighten your belts people),
whopping pay rises for the politicians.

My pay rises come in at -- cents per hour twice a year.
Their pay rise is quite a bit more per hour. A lot more.
Double digit dollars per hour.

And then they skipped off for a lovely long six-week break.

Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

How many more taxes can we endure?


  1. They always try and sneak these things in last minute when they think nobody will notice. They already had like a 40% pay rise recently. It is just disgusting.

    I'm glad there are people like Nick Xenophon who are happy to voice what lunacy this is.

    Everybody is struggling and they think this is okay?!?

  2. We are already one of the most highly taxed countries in the world and it's not so much that our pollies are overpaid, it's more that they do bugger all for it. Holidays several times a year, over seas trips and a multitude of perks.

  3. Sarah; exactly!! one recent payrise isn't enough for them??? Not to mention the percentage. 40%? Us lesser mortals ahve to fight through our unions to get 3%.
    It's obscene that's what it is.

    Tempo; Agree, agree, agree. Overseas trips etc....for what? Anything they want to learn about the policies of other countries can be done via video conferencing and other online methods. But it's the perks that send me most crazy! And how about their retirement plans? $$$$ Even those who get booted out of politics for wrongdoings still get huge amounts of money in yearly pension form.

  4. Pollies have always been about looking after their needs first. Don't forget the enormous retirement packages they get too.

  5. Funny my husband just mentioned he had a pay rise too which nets to $5 a day. Will not even cover the increase in electric rate.

  6. Yeah I was pretty disgusted too.

    I actually don't have a problem with paying our pollies well -- they work long hours and they work hard, and they SHOULD be paid on a par with top executives (not the Marius Kloppers, but the good ones).

    BUT the perks should STOP when they leave politics, and there should be a tighter control on what they spend and how. And they should have to pay it back if they're crooked.

  7. What 'work' do they do?

    What 'long hours'?

    All these creeps do is sit on their arses collecting $5,000 a
    week minimum. They TALK, that's all, if you want to see people working hard look at a factory assembly line or supermarket checkouts.
    The public service runs this country, not Italian-suited politicians.

  8. Kath Lockett; those enormous retirement packages really get to me. But the perks are worse. Many of the perks continue even after they retire, I believe. Gold card this, government funded that.

    Joni Ibarra; because I work limited hours my pay rise works out to a bit less than $1.50 per day. I can buy two bread rolls with that. Living like a queen I am...

    Toni; paying them well...fair enough, but I think they're paid more than well. Let's not get into Top Exec's territory, that's just obscene.
    I agree the perks and other extras should stop once they leave politics. And the crooks should pay back every cent.

    R.H. you're right, we low paid assembly line people who work long and hard. but so do many others in many other occupations, although they may be higher paid. As for politicians, I've seen TV footage of them arguing and name calling, napping on the backbenches...I'm sure there must be some good they do, but I don't see much of it. And two pay rises for themselves within 3-4 months is wrong in my books.


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