where can I buy this?

IMDb has this movie listed as being available from Amazon.

sorry IMDb, it's NOT THERE!!
Also not at JB HiFi
also not at CheaperOz.com
also not at BigW online
also not on EBay

Where else can I look?
Suggestions welcome.
Of course it has to be in English.....

A 2003 movie titled Rain. I saw this on TV a few years ago. 

A German Shepherd named Rain is trained to fight in the Vietnam War and his intelligence and courage in the face of adversity wins the respect and loyalty of his platoon.

Director:   Robert J. Wilson
Writers:    Martin Kitrosser, John McGowan
Stars:        Susan Dey, Scott Cooper, Mark Kiely and Pamela Moore Somers

I loved this movie and I've searched Amazon from top to bottom for a week.
Left them a message on the "did you find what you were looking for" link.
I searched JB HiFi and left a message on the "contact us" link.
Visited the above mentioned places, no luck there.

Does anyone out there know where I can buy a DVD copy of this movie??

P.S. IMDb, maybe you should check before listing availability?
Well, okay, that was a bit rude of me.
But I want this movie and I'm cranky that I can't find it.


  1. Do you use Facebook? There are a myriad of small Buy Swap Sell pages for all over the country. Try advertising local for a copy, someone must have an unwanted copy they would part with for a few bucks. Search: buy Swap Sell (your area)

  2. I know you said you tried ebay, but have you tried ebay sites outside of Australia?

    ...and you won't have to worry about the language issue if it's a DVD because it can be easily changed.

  3. Amazon.com


    Try here

  4. Tempo; no I don't use Facebook. Is buy swap sell a facebook thing? I'll advertise in my local Sunday paper soon.

    Jayne; no go on ebay, forgot about Gumtree, I'll try there.

    Kath; going outside Australia might get too expensive with postage and currency changes.

    Frances; I've been all over Amazon, but I'll try that link. Thanks.

  5. Frances; I tried the link and the dvd is for sale there via amazon, for just under $20Aus, but the shipping rate is over $33, which makes for a very expensive dvd.
    I'll be trying Gumtree and advertising in my local paper instead.

  6. I've not heard of the movie but I wish you luck in finding it. Reason I haven't been posting is because I'm moving from my 2nd house. I look at all the movies before me that I must toss. Wish "Rain" was one of them... but not so.

    Love from

  7. If you use overseas eBay check the DVD is made for our region as they differ and yes it does matter

  8. I've sent out your request in regards to the availability of the film, at a reasonable price, via various social networks. Here's hoping...
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Manzanita; I hope your move is uneventful and you are soon settled comfortably in your new home.

    Annmarie Pipa; no, it isn't banned, it was labelled "family".

    peskypixies; my dvd player is multi regional, there's a code you can enter to make them this way. Shall I email it to you?

    klahanie; thanks, that was very nice of you. But I've found a copy, thanks to my daughter. I mentioned this in my latest post which has just now published. Please thank everyone who replies to your request.

  10. Ive advertised local for it (Facebook) I'll let you know if something comes up.

  11. Tempo; thank you, but I've found and purchased a copy. I should have it in a week or so.

  12. Ohhh the code would be fabulous!

  13. peskypixies; I'll email it to you as soon as you send me your email address. I seem to have lost it. I'll check...

  14. So this was the movie you mentioned before! Glad you remembered the title.

  15. Omg where did you buy it??? I've been looking everywhere!


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