just 85g will do it

85 grams a day.
That's all you need. 

What are we talking about?

I like walnuts.

I read an article in the weekend paper that stated walnuts would help to protect against heart disease and would also help to lower cholesterol.
(I could use a little cholesterol lowering....)

Nice. I like walnuts. (But they're a little on the expensive side...)

Anyway, the article did state that all you need to consume is 85 grams a day.
So I added them to my shopping list and off I went, swinging my little basket as I skipped down the road.......la de da de da....

Okay, okay, I carried my bag as I walked to the shops.

I found the walnuts right where I'd expected them to be, but when I saw the cost I wondered if the little nuggets were sprinkled with gold dust.
Really? That much? I bought them anyway.
I figured at 85g a day, the bag would probably last me almost a week, so a fair enough price if they really would do what "they" claimed.

I found my kitchen scales and weighed out 85 grams of walnuts. Turns out to be about a cupful. alright then, let's munch.

The first half dozen weren't so bad, then it began to be hard going.
Really! That's a lot of walnuts to be eating all at once.
Now I'm wondering if they need to be consumed in one sitting, or can I space them out through the day. A couple with breakfast, a few in a lunch salad, a half dozen right after dinner.
Being a smaller person, not anywhere near six feet tall, maybe I don't need the 85 grams.
I could space out three servings of 20 grams.

I'll just nibble on them a few at a time until they're gone, then buy another packet. Regular consumption of even a smaller amount has to be better than not eating any at all.


  1. That does sound like a lot doesn't it? Nuts are one of my favourite things....I buy cashew and a kind of organic raw trail mix...add in my cashews (cause I REALLY like cashews and I have a handful of that a day. (I have big hands...that's my story anyway.)

  2. Unsustainable. It will be just too hard to eat a cup of walnuts each day.

  3. Spaced over a day sounds OK. Sort of like "time release capsules". Otherwise, I think I'd quit swallowing my mouthfuls of walnuts.

  4. Hi River,

    I like walnuts. I'm not sure if I like them enough to consume that amount per day. Maybe grind them up and stick some on my ice cream.


  5. I think to work properly they need to be spaced out between cookie dough.

  6. I feel 85gms may be overdoing it a little. I always think a handful (enough to cover the palm of the hand) should do it. Almonds are also really excellent for your health as well as walnuts. I love cashews but only ever eat about 6 at a time but then I have to watch my weight so can't overdo it with any foods even if they are good for me.
    I just checked the Sanitarium website about nuts and they suggest 30gms a day (a small handful) with the warning about watching weight. Hope that helps.

  7. P.S. Perhaps the 85gms was suggested by walnut growers?

  8. Delores; I'm wondering if that amount was to help lower cholesterol faster, a medicinal amount perhaps.

    Andrew; yes, that's why I'll space them out and add them to things, but I still won't eat 85 grams.

    Joanne Noragon; spacing them out is easier.

    klahanie; I grind some and add them to my porridge. That takes care of about a tablespoonful.

    Murr Brewster; better in the cookie dough, then baked, especially if it is chocolate choc-chip.

    Mimsie; maybe it's the medicinal amount or a misprint. Anyway, I'm eating less.

  9. A cup of walnuts a day does sound excessive. I use walnuts in a raw pie crust.

  10. I like Mimsie's idea about who suggested that you needed quite that many.
    I love nuts but a cup a day is heaps. And heaps. And, as you say, expensive.

  11. Hi River,


    No thanks! Brazil nuts, peanuts and cashew nuts - yes.




  12. Manzanita; I've never thought of a pie crust with nuts in it. I usually put walnuts in brownies or cookies. I think a walnut crust for a chocolate mousse pie would be great.

    Elephant's Child; until I weighed them I had no idea how much 85g would be.

    Plasman; I like all those types of nuts too, mmm, cashews.

  13. awww Nuts! :) I like nuts, but can't eat too many, I ate a whole big 1kg bag once, took me a half hour, stomach ache for days after...won't be doing that again, so now I eat m&m's they have nuts in them too...:)

  14. The Wicked Writer; a whole kilo in half an hour!! I took almost an hour to get through my 85 grams. I've eaten peanut M&Ms faster though. Now I'm grinding my walnuts and adding a tablespoon to my morning porridge. They go down a lot easier that way.


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