What Irritates You Monday

"What Irritates You Monday" is a meme thought up by Delores from The Feathered Nest.

Here, on a Monday, we get a chance to vent our little, or not so little, things that irritate us.
It doesn't have to be something on that particular Monday, it can be anything that irritates you any day of any week. 
Today, my irritations are....

Iffy internet connections.
Yes, I've said it before, but it is still happening and I'll probably say it again in the future. 
Yesterday, I was online for maybe an hour. 
That's it. 
One hour, all day.

And....people who shuffle their feet when walking. 
Elderly people who are unsure of their balance are excused from this. 
But young people whose feet barely leave the ground, irritate me with their shoosh,  shoosh method of perambulation. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, you can hear them coming from three rooms away.
For heaven's sake, pick up your feet and step properly. 
Left, right, left, right.....
It's not hard.
Hips, knees and ankles were designed to bend, so that we could walk, run, jump, skip and hop through life. 
Pick! Up! Your! Feet!
One at a time of course......


  1. MMM....they shuffle along with their pants half falling off. Most attractive kids...really.

  2. Back when I sold hand woven rugs I always had some on the floor for inspection. By observation I discovered an amazing fact: some people walk over rugs, some walk through. Even old people who shuffled would pick up their feet to walk over a rug, as they had done since first instructed by their mothers. Teenagers shuffled and invariably wound up with rugs covering their feet. Grrrrr from the person who had to straighten them when they left, texting.

  3. Sometimes we are forced to shuffle, say in a crowded market. It is a tiring way to walk.

  4. These days I often shuffle. And I HATE it. I need to, but I don't like it at all.
    And hiss and spit on your internect (non)connection issues. It seems to give you grief often.

  5. Here's hoping I can comment before my internet service 'unprovider' decides to do some more um 'servicing'.

    Shuffling off back to my site now :)


  6. Hi River, I agree with the shuffling.... sooo annoying.....
    Sorry to hear your internet is playing up...
    Have a nice day... Hugs
    Barb xxx

  7. ...Hello again, River,
    I like your Themed Days and it seemed to me that you were inviting me to join in and share .... is that only sharing with you and you are the only one to see my contribution... or is there a way I can see other bloggers contributions...
    Hope you don't mind me asking you to clarify this ..... I'm a bit unclear about the whole thing.....

    I like your blog and your writing style...and if all you want is comments on your posts..... I'm happy to do that.....
    ...if you want to email me my address is.... barbsbabbling@gmail.com

    Barb xxxx

  8. Shuffling is mandatory for cat owners when negotiating the warm fire area. Never try to walk or step over the cat because that's when they get up or raise their head and either you fall or they get a kicking. And the look you get even with an accidental kick is evil.

  9. Delores; I was actually talking about regular adults who simply don't pick up their feet. Ever. When I worked in a shoe factory there was a woman there not much younger than me, and that was how she walked, her feet cleared the floor by maybe half a centimetre. All day we'd hear her coming and going.

    Joanne Noragon; it's a shame people everywhere aren't taught to pick up their feet when learning to walk. even worse when they shuffle through display mats that need to be kept neat and clean.

    Andrew; in a crowded market you can still lift your feet, just take very small steps. Or barge on through with an excuse me or two.

    Elephant's Child; I rarely shuffle, but when the hips or back are screaming, I'll get around the house on my hands and knees until things loosen up.

    klahanie; you have a service UNprovider too?

    Barbara' if I can't hear them shuffling it doesn't bother me.
    As for joining the themes, all you need to do is write something appropriate to the theme, and link back to the originator, in this case it is Delores, for the Words for Wednesday it is also Delores. When you visit Delores site, you'll see her commenters, if you right click on their names you'll be taken to their sites to see who they are and what they write about. Not all of them join in, some do in the comment section, I choose to make my Wednesday words into a Friday post. My email is on my profile page.

    JahTeh; I've walked and stepped over cats all my life. Usually they're so sound asleep they don't even know I'm there. Just don't try to wake a sleeping cat as I did today and got a nice long scratch down my hand.

  10. the famous VOGUE Editor Diana Vreeland used to sack employees if they made a noise when they walked. Dragging ones' feet just wears shoes out too fast.
    Ah yes - the Hip Back Pain Shuffle.
    What aggravates me Mondays, and I saw it again today, is people who put their grocery through a checkout and swipe their card without ceasing their mobile phone conversation to even make eye-contact with the person who is running the register. So very unbelievably rude I want to slap them and scream "Take a look at yourself!"

  11. Ann O'Dyne; the checkout phone conversations are especially rude when I need an answer to a question concerning their account such as will they pin or sign, and they're not even listening to me, so holding up the line.
    I sometimes wonder how the feet dragging begins, since babies are born with a "step" reflex and if you hold them so their feet are on your lap they will step their feet.

  12. My mother used to kill us for that, and I find myself saying it to the wife lol...it completely wears the soles out of shoes.

  13. The Wicked Writer; you seem to have recovered well from the "killings".


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