he hitched a ride with my oldest step-brother

they were just passing through....
and stopped in for dinner and a bed for the night.

His name was David.
Dark hair, laughing eyes. 

I'd never met him before, yet we were friends instantly.
We talked, (not just me, the whole family was around the table after dinner had been cleared away), jokes were told, we drew cartoons.

Two young men in the Army together, both on leave...--- on his way to visit his fiancee, David to who-knows-where.
They slept out in the spare room and in the morning they were gone.
I never saw him again.

Now and again he pops into my mind and I wonder.....


  1. Hi River,

    Amazing how one moment can stay so clearly in our thoughts and makes us wonder whatever happened...


  2. Yes, of course you wonder. He obviously made quite an impression on you when you met. It is wonderful when people who were just passing pop back into one's memory and you feel you would love to know just what became of them.

  3. klahanie; amazing too, how these thoughts pop up out of nowhere.

    Mimsie; he was the first person I'd ever felt completely comfortable with, instantly. Usually it takes me years to get comfortable with people.

  4. Two people passing briefly but yet it left a lasting impression. Some people affect one that way.

    A wonderfully short version of a story like "The Bridges of Madison County." Did you read that or see the movie?

  5. The people who can make others comfortable immediately are rare aren't they? I hope where ever his life took him he had fun.

  6. Now you've got me wondering too .... I guess we'll never know .... I hope he went on to marry his fiancee and live a happy and contented life.

  7. Manzanita; I tried to watch The Bridges of Madison County years ago and gave up on it for some reason. I just couldn't get into it. The book is on my kindle though, maybe I'll enjoy that more.
    Elephant's Child; I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who instantly made me comfortable and I'd have a couple of fingers left over...

    Dianne; the fiancee was my step brother's not David's. But as nice as David was/is, I'm sure he married and had a great life.

  8. Maybe if you tell the story on the infamous face book you will find him again.

  9. Delores; not a chance. Apart from the dark hair (which spoiled me forever, I don't like my men blonde) and laughing eyes, I don't remember what he looked like and never knew his last name.

  10. A sweet moment in life. We don't know when we are making them.

  11. Joanne Noragon; but isn't it lovely when our memories find them?

  12. Isn't it interesting how some people can just do that...:)Like the guy I met at a bus stop, and got chatting to, who wanted to live his own life, and whose parents wanted him to go into the family business, and I told him to follow his own heart...I keep wondering if he did, and if it worked?

  13. The Wicked Writer; let's hope he followed his heart, even if he had to work in the family business for a while first to fund a new lifestyle.


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