what irritates you Monday

What irritates you Monday is a meme thought up by Delores from The Feathered Nest.

Here, on a Monday, we get a chance to vent our little, or not so little, things that irritate us.

Today, my irritation is....

small packets of anything that say "tear here" but then don't tear and you have to reach for the scissors to get them open.  

And fingernails that continue to split and peel even after three years.    


  1. I know just what you mean that is very anoying.

  2. How about jars of pesto that say to use two tablespoons for your pasta, but have openings that aren't wide enough to fit a tablespoon into?

    Now that's a real first-world problem.

  3. I with you on that one River and don't get me started on hard plastic blister packaging. Hehe at Fig.

  4. Yes, yes, yes....I am with you there and also packets and bottles that are sealed so tightly they become almost impossible to open. Seems it is done to prevent all those dreadful people that steal things. It is hard for older people with arthritic hands to open those items.
    Finger nails? No problem. Mine are so strong they take ages to file down and I have to keep at mine constantly to stop them growing too long.

  5. Snap. Cut along the dotted line everytime. And the ones that in theory reseal also irritate me, because they don't for me. The skinny one can usually make the seal happen but I can't. Or not easily...

  6. I remember when they first started putting potato chips in stout shiny bags, I couldn't tear one, so tried pulling the seam apart. It worked, explosively. It was as though the chips hit the fan. Made me cry.

  7. Miso sachets, worst in the world to try and open even though there is an 'open here' direction. As for tight lids on pasta sauce, stab the lid with a carving knife, works every time.

  8. I pretty much echo what everyone else has said here. That hard plastic packaging is to prevent shop lifting which is pretty much a matter of WE consumers having to pay for huge packaging which benefits only the shop owners.

  9. Yes yes yes..and milk cartons that say "spout" but you can't tear them apart without making a mess that you can't pour through.

  10. I really get annoyed at packaging of any kind. Too much work and I'm always in a hurry. I liked the old bulk stuff. Put it in a paper bag, weigh it and you are on your way.

  11. Merlesworld; what prompted this was a small sachet of instant porridge, seems these are now plastic lined, where once they used to be just paper.

    Figmince; that's only mildly annoying for me, since I know that 3 teaspoons equals 1 tablespoon. And those jars open easily enough.

    Andrew; hard plastic blister packaging = kitchen shears. The big ones used to section a chicken.

    Mimsie; I don't have too much of a problem with vacuum sealed lids, I have one of those little rubber grip-it mats to grip the lids with, they help a lot, as does shaking the bottle first to redistribute any air inside. My children have all inherited their claws, sorry, fingernails, from the first hubby's side of the family. I'm so glad for them.

    Elephant's Child; I never cut along the dotted line, always under it, because that stupid dotted line is often in the wrong spot. Resealable packaging works for me too, but I usually put the remainder of anything into a see through screwtop container to more easily see what it is and how much is left.

    Murr Brewster; I thought that was the only way to open chips, we've done it our whole lives. But gently, gently. Still, some are harder than others.

    JahTeh; I've never tried miso, but there's enough other packaging to annoy me. Pasta sauce jars are easy for me, most jars are. A little thump on the centre of the lid, a shake of the jar, then grip the lid with one of those rubber "grip-it" mats, sometimes it helps to also grip the jar with another mat. I may look into buying one of those "jar helper" thingy's one day, they're made for arthritic hands and help to open jars. Meanwhile, sachets get the scissors.

    Kymbo whitford; it's a shame that that the few, (or not so few) that prefer the five finger discount, have made life so hard for the rest of us.

    Delores; I have no trouble with milk cartons, my old mother-in-law does though and cuts them open with scissors and pours the milk into a lidded jug.

    Manzanita; I remember those days when you could buy things by weight and the shopkeeper would scoop into a paper bag and weigh it, give it a twist and put it in your basket. I can still get some bulk things this way from health food store self-serve bins. I take my own calico bags along and fill them with rolled oats, fibre mix, oat bran etc, tie with the cord and carry home. Wash out the bag and reuse. Supermarkets have to package everything in the interests of hygiene and theft prevention.

  12. HA!

    In agreement re: both irritants (my nails are a sorry sight) and I would like to add "heat waves". While I love summer (as all Minnesotans do), the projected 35 degree spike in heat between yesterday and today is overdoing it!


  13. Pearl; heatwaves!! don't get me started...at least three times a month I have to scoop my melted self off the floor here.

  14. Hello River......I so relate to problem fingernails .....
    As for the other problems...I get my Hubby to open things for me, one advantage of being retired....
    I wear glasses and one thing that irritates me is the small writing on the shampoo and conditioner bottles, hard to read in the shower with no glasses on...
    Thanks for visiting my blog..
    Barb xx

  15. Barbara Neubeck; I use a waterproof texta to write a big S or C on the shampoo and conditioner bottles.

  16. oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh I hate those packs...they are so, so, so annoying...I usually use the scissors, when I can find the damn things...

  17. The Wicked Writer; you can't find your scissors? Here, borrow mine. I always know where they are.


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