interesting bits from yesterday's news

Story one:  our "million paws" walk to raise money for the RSPCA this last weekend was disastrous for one young woman, who was confronted at her car and had her valuable beloved pooch stolen by a couple who unbuckled the dog's collar and bundled him (her?) into a car which was then driven away by a third person. 
The value of the dog is irrelevant, I know, any dog at all being stolen at such an event, or anywhere else for that matter, is bad news.
The woman found her car tyre had been deflated as well, so she couldn't chase after the car that was taking away her dog. Number plates on that car had been obscured with duct tape.
The woman was in tears as she spoke to Channel Seven, saying that perhaps the thieves would try to have her dog desexed and that she had alerted all vets in the area.
I hope the bastards get caught and the dog rescued and returned to the owner. Unharmed. 

Story two:  an upset young mother left a hairdressing salon with her hair half cut and still damp after being refused further service when she began breast feeding her baby. (I'm unclear whether service was actually refused or simply put on hold)
Things have progressed to the point where she is no longer welcome at that salon, ever.
This seems a little harsh and I disagree with their statement to that effect.
On the other hand, there have been several phone calls back and forth and perhaps the 'harassment" has been too much for the salon owner who no longer wants to be involved in the whole affair.
BUT....I agree with the stylist not continuing with the cutting while the woman was breast feeding. 
She stated that she was worried about hair snippets falling into the baby's face and I think that is fair. I've felt those hair snippets myself when they fall onto my face near my eyes or down my collar and they are sharp. If one or two was to get into the baby's eyes, imagine the distress to all concerned.
And another thing, if your damp hair dries out too much during styling, the stylist will get her spray bottle of water and damp it down. Again, there is the possibility of over spray landing on the baby's face.
And what about hot air and noise from a dryer? 
In my opinion, the mother should not have started breast feeding while having her hair cut. 
Have a friend there to comfort the baby if necessary, or if the baby really does need feeding, then go ahead and feed, but let the stylist step away and finish the cutting when the feeding has finished. 
I saw the child on TV and she is not newborn, so I'd think feeding schedules are fairly regular and an appointment for hairdressing could be organised around them.
I've had haircuts in the past and not even taken my babies to the salon. I left them with  a neighbour I knew and trusted or with their father if he was home at the time of the appointment.

Your opinion?


  1. Initially it sounded like the hair salon was unhappy with her breastfeeding while in the salon. A little closer listening was required to get the full story. Why couldn't she feed before or after the actual hair cutting process?

  2. Your hair salon commentary is interesting River, and something that would never have occurred to me.

    As for the dog story, I would be devastated. Gutted, even.

  3. Mothers these days seem to be getting a little militant about their right to breast feed anywhere everywhere anytime...personally, I find it lacks class.

  4. A good post.
    I feel sorry for the lady who lost her dog to dog nappers. How cruel.

    As far as the baby nursing ...If I were the stylist, I wouldn't cut hair with a baby on her lap, nursing or not. But, I don't think kids of any age belong in a hair salon. They distract and stylists are working with sharp scissors, razors, etc. When kids need a hair cut, take them to a kids hair shop.

  5. Those dog-nappers obviously targeted that poor woman and one can only hope she gets her dog back but I wouldn't hold out too much hope. How devastating for the poor owner and perhaps for the stolen dog as well.
    The breast-feeding in public topic causes so much controversy. It can be done very delicately in some public places such as restaurants (my granddaughter does it and you'd not even know she was breast feeding). Feeding a baby while having one's hair cut is looking for disaster especially if the mum has very thick, coarse hair. Hairdressers actually have problems with hair from customers causing problems let alone a baby, no matter what it's age.

  6. Oh River. The first story is simply awful. That poor woman, and her dog.

    And yes, I agree on the breastfeeding issue. Sometimes it is essential but NOT during a hair cut. The risk to the baby's delicate skin (and eyes in particular) is too high.

  7. Agree with your opinion on breast feeding. Don't think the stolen dog will be desexed, as it would have been stolen to be used as breeder to make money. What is the breed of the dog?

  8. Andrew; my thoughts exactly! Feed before or after the hair appointment. I don't dispute mothers rights to feed in public, but there are places where it just isn't a good idea.

    FruitCake; I would never have thought to take my babies while having my own hair done. The dog in the other story is a very distinctive type, I don't recall exactly, but vets will be on the lookout and I hope he is returned safely.

    Delores; militant is the right word. i accept their right to feed in public when necessary, but I also think they still need to be a little discreet and not just take the opportunity to flash boobs, and there are places where feeding just isn't wise. Not the salon as such, feed if you must, but while your hair is being cut is a no-no.

    Manzanita; dognappers should be hung, drawn, and quartered.
    when I think of anyone stealing anyhting, I'm astounded. How would THEY feel if someone else was stealing from them? Why don't they think about that? I suspect it was a "cash" steal. Nab the dog and pass it on for money.
    I agree with that stylist, babies shouldn't be on your lap, feeding or not, while you are having your hair cut.

    Mimsie; yes, I'd say she was targeted, her tyre was deflated and the dog was very distinctive. I really hope she gets her dog back.
    My own daughter also fed in public, but usually in family type restaurants or similar places. If going out for dinner at night, her babies were left with me or the mother-in-law. Sadly the boy always refused to take a bottle and many times we'd phone her and she'd say I'm on my way as soon as her phone rang. The girl was happy enough to accept a bottle instead of breast feeding. But wherever she fed, T was discreet.

    Elephant's Child; I felt teary eyed myself when I saw that woman crying on TV and hope the dog is returned to her soon and unharmed.
    I knew you would agree on the haircut issue. It just isn't the right place to feed a baby. And in this case, breast or bottle is not the issue, either is not acceptable when getting your hair cut.

  9. It's sad when you loose a dog for any reason but when you are assaulted and the animal stolen.. shameful! I hope they get caught soon.
    I take your point about both the spray water and cut hair. Normally I'm pro-breast feeding but can understand why the Salon chose to stop cutting. The mother seems to have over-reacted.

  10. I hope the thieves get caught and convicted, they're baskets for doing that.
    As for the salon, I'm a big advocate on allowing breast feeding in public (I never did, but wouldn't deny another's right to do so), but I'm also a fan of spending hair styling days AWAY from the kiddies as it was always ME time. In this instance, babe should have been left with a caring family member, or sitter.

  11. How rude the young mother to expect the hair dresser to do her job in the face of a distraction that is not part of the job. Far too much entitlement and too little common courtesy.

  12. Hi River,

    Interesting stories.

    The dog theft is tragic and disgraceful.

    Brest feeding in a hair-dressing salon?

    I imagine that when they refused to continue cutting her hair that the woman threw a massive wobbler and hence the ban.

    It seems a strange thing to do, breast feeding a baby in the middle of a haircut.




  13. As a mother I would consider a visit to the hairdresser pampering for me only, if I was a new mother I would not go until the baby was old enough to leave with a friend, as you say some places are more suitable to visit alone.
    Why would anyone want to pinch someone else dog.

  14. Kymbo Whitford; I'm pro-breast feeding too, but there are places it shouldn't be done and this is one of them. I haven't heard anything more on the news about the dog.

    The Wicked Writer; I agree with you 150% on both counts.

    Joanne Noragon; It seems common courtesy has been tossed out the window in favour of "rights". I agree that we all have rights, but still there are times and places for everything.

    Plasman; theft of any kind is disgraceful, but dog-napping is as bad as kidnapping in my books. That young mother did throw a tanty and complaints were made etc. I think she was in the wrong.

    Merlesworld; exactly! Hairdressing and other such things are "me" time, pampering, and time away from the frenzy at home, time to relax and recharge the batteries. I remember getting haircuts before each baby was born and not going back until I could leave the baby with someone. With my last baby, I hadn't had my hair cut since I'd done it myself when number 3 was a few months old, and even then I waited until he was old enough to be left with my neighbour that he knew well.
    I think the dog theft had money involved, he was quite a valuable animal.

  15. If she HAD to feed it then put the cutting biz on hold and feed the baby. No cutting and feeding, that's just a recipe for hairy milk and nasty incidents.

    As for the dog, that's devastating. :(

  16. Fenstar; I believe that was the intention when the stylist stopped cutting and stepped away. The mother took offence and the hoo-ha began.


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