a message to Julia Guillard

Dear Julia,
     I don't often watch the news, there isn't much on there to interest me, but lately I haven't bothered to get off my bum and select a dvd to watch, so I've been listening, (sort of), to the news.

And there you are, day after day, delivering your messages in your trademark monotone "this-is-a-very-serious-matter" voice.

drone, drone, drone.

I find it irritating in the extreme.
There is no passion, no excitement, no happiness, nothing at all that would make me want to listen to you on purpose.

I get that running the country is a serious business, bloody hard work, but we are a living country, you don't need to sound as if you are addressing a funeral gathering.
Come to think of it, even those delivering eulogies are more emotional.

Have you ever listened to yourself?

 How are we supposed to get excited by your ideas when you yourself don't sound excited?


  1. At least she takes herself seriously.

  2. River I don't think I need to add to this post as you have said exactly what so many Aussies are thinking most of the time about Miss Gillard. We always turn the sound down until she has finished speaking. Dull describes it very well.
    It is hard to believe that she and Julie Bishop attended the same university when you hear the two of them speak.
    No matter what your politics, we need a PM that shows at least a teeny bit of emotion when he or she speaks. Maybe a tad late for elocution lessons??

  3. I agree. Yet tonight on tv about defence matters, I thought she spoke better than she ever has, but that is from a pretty low base. What matters is what she does, rather than how she speaks. Well, that is the theory, but not the real life.

  4. FruitCake; she may be the only one.

    Mimsie; it's never too late for elocution lessons. I could probably use a few myself.

    Andrew; what she does is important, I agree, but how will people know what she is up to if they continually turn her off because they can't stand that boring monotone?

  5. Perhaps she fancies herself a news reader, a la China or Korea. You've seen those short clips of North Korea announcing the anniliation of Seattle.

  6. I've never heard Julia but I've prob heard dozens like her. I bet her bags are packed and waiting by the door. LOL

  7. I have her on twitter so I get all the updates without the boring voice.

  8. Joanne Noragon; no I haven't seen them. Usually I don't watch the news, because it's too depressing.

    Manzanita; She's our Prime Minister, so I don't think she has her bags packed just yet.

    Merlesworld; I don't do twitter, an occasional glance at the news is enough.


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