Funny thing, weather.

Funny thing, weather.

Here in Australia it is autumn.
Fall for you Northern Hemisphere people.

This time last year it was also autumn.

How 'bout that?

This time last year I had been running the heater for six weeks already.

Not continuously, I turned it off when I went to bed, or out, but it was cold enough to need a little artificial heat.

This year? 
I've dusted off the heater and turned it on briefly to make sure it still works and to burn off the dust that collected on the bars. .

But that's it. I don't need any artificial heat yet.
Though the days are still sunny, the air is cool, and some days I'm wearing fluffy socks instead of bare feet, now and again I'll put on a cardigan or sweatshirt over my t-shirt.
I'm even wearing the flanelette pyjamas to bed, but taking them off in the middle of the night because I've got too warm under my doona.

The dressing gown still hangs on its hook behind the bedroom door where I put it last October.

And I'm still eating ice cream, something I absolutely cannot do if the weather is cold.

How about you? Are you cold yet?
No, not you, you're in the Northern Hemisphere.......
....warming up again.


  1. It's such an odd thought that people are looking forward to cool days.

  2. We have had a rather long summer but the older i get the more I like the in between seasons summer is to hot and winter to cold so I'm not complaining this mild weather is suiting me just fine.

  3. Haha, northern hemisphere. I'm still wearing a flannel nightshirt and sleeping under the doona.

  4. We in Perth are also waiting for it to cool down unlike our eastern states cousins who seem to have been enjoying autumn for some weeks now.
    We are being forecast a wild day tomorrow and a drop in temp to 19C. I've heard that before but perhaps it will happen and then warmer clothing will be sought.
    Phil already using eiderdown and winter dressing gown but then he's English and they tend to think if there is a breeze blowing it must be cold and I'm not being sarcastic. The weather in the UK teaches them to keep warm!!
    Perhaps our forecast inclement weather will reach you in a day or two and you may need your heater and winter dressing gown.

  5. Well, it's nuts. We're here in the middle of spring, which in these parts means a more or less constant drizzle and highs in the fifties and sixties (F). Nobody likes it much (I do), and people flirt with suicide until summer arrives, not before the Rose Festival Parade in the middle of June.

    Except this year, we've had almost no rain, and it's been in the eighties for the last week, and everyone's delirious, and I'm nervous as hell. This ain't right, I'm telling you.

  6. Delores; I have the same thoughts about you northern people looking forward to summer.

    Merlesworld; today's weather here in Adelaide is just perfect. Warm, sunny, blue skies which look stunning against the golden yellow of our turning leaves.

    Joanne Noragon; I'm under my doona, but the flanelette pyjamas are on the floor.

    Mimsie; we had rain here yesterday, it lasted for a whole half hour! Then it stayed cloudy but warm. The Indian Summer seems to be stretching right out. funny how people see clouds and/or breeze and think "cold". I always step outside and feel the air before deciding.

    Murr Brewster; I don't mind 50s and 60s weather and I love it in the 70s, so I usually welcome our Aussie winters, until September when it gets right down to about low 40s and into the 30s when the air gets frosty. That's a little bit harder to take. Today we have a temperature pretty close to the 80 mark I think. It certainly feels like it.
    Seems like the weather is crazy all over the globe.

  7. I haven't put the summer cotton doona away yet but I have had the fire going very low at night.
    I have a feeling we'll pay for this mildness by having snow at Christmas.

  8. Oh Shh River!...dont remind Mother Nature that she owes us a cold Winter... It's been a great Autumn here in SA and no sign of the cold just yet. I'm still in shorts, still not heating the house and loving those warm sunny afternoons (like today actually)

  9. JahTeh; I don't have summer or winter doonas, I just have the one really thick feather doona which I cover myself with in winter and leave folded at the end of the bed in summer. Saves on storage space. according to the weather girl tonight, this Indian summer is due to end on Saturday with temps dropping to 18C.

    Kymbo Whitford; I don't think Mother Nature reads my blog. It has been a great autumn, I've been loving the warm days and cooler nights, such a change from melting all summer. I'm adopting a wait-and-see attitude towards the coming winter. If necessary, I'll be wrapping up in the doona.

  10. Mpls is warming nicely, thank you. :-) I may actually go outside without a jacket on today!


  11. Pearl; your weather is probably matching ours right now. We're having an extended Indian Summer. Mid autumn and the temp today is 82F.

  12. In Ireland we've only one season...Rain! lol, it's supposed to be summer, but it's chilly and it's rainy (has been for the past three days) and hopefully it might improve over the weekend (we won't hold our breath, you could die that way). We're used to it, we complain incessantly about it, but heck, that's why it's so damn green eh? :)

  13. The Wicked Writer; I thought you had two seasons over there. Warm rain and cold rain. Ireland is on my list of places to visit when I win lotto.


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