y'all remember my pot roast from last year?


Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight?

With mashed potatoes and gravy.
And green beans.

tender, melt in the mouth beef


 I hope the link works.
If not, just search the archives for the date there.
9th April 2012

roast beef sandwiches the next day.
Is there anything better?


  1. Beautious! My hands down favorite meal.

  2. I just love a pot roast .... couldn't get the link to work River but will search back to the date. Yummo!

  3. Nothing nicer than a little mustard with the roast beef..and maybe some onions?

  4. Hullo darlings. And shit prodders, bankrupts, arse bandits, poofters, players of the three card trick. Takes all kinds but hell what a world.

  5. Nothing like a bit of pot. Um nothing like a bit of pot roast and that looks might succulent, y'all :)

  6. That gives me an idea. I've not done a pot roast for yonks and now the weather is cooling down. Yes and thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Joanne Noragon; it's definitely a favourite around here!

    Dianne; it's well worth a look, the full recipe is there.

    Delores; I'm not a big fan of mustard, I'll put a bit on a hotdog now and again, but not roast beef. I will put mustard pickles though, that's what you see in the photo although I usually buy a different brand.

    R.H. hello yourself. Let's not indulge in any name calling, the day is too beautiful.

    klahanie; this is the best pot roast around.

    Mimsie; it's worth the effort. Hot with veg and gravy or cold on sandwiches, the meat is so tender and tasty. BLADE roast is the best for this. Chuck steak would be good too if you can get it in a piece (not sliced), but it does have more fat through it. Topside can be too dry.

  8. Sure and I'd like a go at your pot roast on a day like this.
    Thou art a feast.

  9. Beautiful - love that you added the chutney to your sanger, too!

  10. nom, nom, nom...they look yummy

  11. R.H. the recipe is on the original post, all you have to do it follow it.

    Kath Lockett; chutney??? no no no. sweet mustard pickles. Chutney is awful stuff. To me.

    The Wicked Writer; I only eat yummy food.

  12. SO ... does this mean you only do one a year?!?!?! And after a slap-up bakery meal, there probably ISN'T anything better!!!

  13. Red Nomad OZ; no, usually two, sometimes three in a winter, but there are leftovers each time, so all up probably 8 dinners and lots of sandwiches. I don't often do one in the summer, but if I'm wanting roast beef sandwiches I will.


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