a very upsetting moment

I had the gardening gloves on and was play wrestling with Angel. It's his favourite game, followed closely by jumping up under the quilt while I'm making the bed. I pretend to be smoothing out the lump in the bed while under the qulit he chases my hand movements.

Back to the wrestling.
Angel somehow managed to get his collar hooked over his lower jaw and panicked.
I knew I could get it off quickly so tried to hold him and unhook it. But like I said he was panicked and fought me. (6 bandaids)

All I could do was let him go and watch him struggle and panic because he couldn't move or close his jaw.
I cried!
Less than ten seconds later he eventually managed to hook it and slip it off the jaw, don't ask me how, it was a quick flick movement.

Boy were we relieved!
I gave up on the game and Angel had a rest on the bed for about an hour then came to me for cuddles.

I'd like to give up on the wrestling game altogether, but right now, nothing else seems to hold his attention.
He used to chase a ping pong ball around the shower stall, now he just wants me to throw it around in there while he watches.
So we wrestle.


  1. Poor little guy.....no doubt he felt panicky.

  2. His collar must be a little to loose. It is horrible when something like that happens. Our dog became stuck in a our cat door when it was new. The flap was preventing him from going backwards. Yes, I got bitten.

  3. Oh dear, I can but imagine YOUR panic as well. How awful for your both.
    My daughters are cat owners and lovers and have removed collars from all their cats because some very worrying incidents that have happened.
    Enjoy your Angel - he's lovely!

  4. That must have be upsetting indeed!

  5. None of my cats have collars now for just that reason, they only had them when they were young because they might get lost but they are always at home now except Whoie and she is a bit wild and no one get near her.

  6. Poor thing. I took the adorable collars off of our cats when they were still kittens. Even though the collars were supposedly "break-away", I was still afraid they'd get them caught on something and get hurt. Since they stay in the house all the time, anyway, they don't really need the collars. (But they sure did look cute in them... pink and sparkly, with a tiny bell...)

  7. Oh poor Angel - and poor you. It is very distressing (for both) when something like that happens.
    Something very similar happened to my Sunny when he was a younger kitten. So, I removed the collar altogether - too risky.
    And, Jack never has a collar on at home - only when we go out for walks.
    An inside cat really doesn't need a collar, to be safe. Especially if they are an active cat that likes to get into all sorts of tight nooks and crannies that can present potential problems.
    And, I don't like tightening collars - should there be a time when the collar gets caught up on something, there'll be no chance of wriggling out of it and could lead to disaster - especially if you're not home.
    Assessing risks - it's like having a two year old in the house again, isn't it? :)

    Perhaps you could get a long (strong) elastic type cord - or even just cotton twine - you can attach a favourite toy, (mousie?) or similar, to throw as you sit in the chair? Then you can slowly pull the toy back to you as he chases it.
    Just a thought.

  8. How very, very frightening for both of you. And I have no doubt that Angel's heart beat settled down quicker than yours.

  9. So glad this had a happy ending, you had me really worried there about Angel. Despite the trauma involved, I loved your post. Vickie

  10. Thank goodness that all have worked out okay. Bandaids, a reminder of such an unfortunate incident.

    Cautious wrestling, my friend.


  11. Ouch . Mog scratches can be very painful. Yesterday both of our cats went for annual needles; we used an old bird cage for carrying them, female in first and male second, there was some aggro in the surgery and they couldn't get out of the cage fast enough when we got home.

  12. Delores; just as panicky as I was, I could see it in his eyes.

    Andrew; his collar is fine, it was just a freak accidental movement, he dropped his chin to his chest trying to get my hand and his jaw was open. There'll be a lot less wrestling now.

    Rose~from OZ; this was the first collar accident and I hope it will be the last. I'll be keeping a close eye on things as he streaks around the flat.

    joeh; it was, but we recovered quickly enough and spent an hour cuddling and patting.

    Merle; I'm keeping Angel's collar on because it has his name and phone number disc on it. I'm not 100% sure he won't get out one day through the shade cloth. I check it daily.

    Susan; it took me three weeks to get Angel used to a collar, so it's staying on. Just in case he manages to get out one day, it has our phone number and his name.

    Vicki; I'm very glad it was a "quickly over and forgotten" incident. I've tried the strong cord and toy, but he's not interested in chasing it unless he can catch it and drag it away to chew on the cord. He chewed through two twine cords and halfway through a strong ribbon.
    I have a new toy now. Last week Fenstar recommended a "cat dancer" toy, so I looked it up and ordered one. It was delivered yesterday and Angel loves it. It occupies him so I can get on with things. You can see one on you tube.

    Elephant's Child; you're right, he was purring while my eyes were still leaking. There's going to be much less wrestling around here. And not just because I don't like sports.

    Musings, Tea and Me; I think we were both equally relieved when Angel managed to get that collar loose. He's probably forgotten it completely by now, while it will live in my mind forever.

    klahanie; I buy bandaids in the big economy sized box now. But apart from that incident, there aren't too many new scratches happening.

    Vest; angel's vaccinations are up to date, I just hope he still fits into the carrier when I have to take him next year. You're very brave putting two full grown cats into one cage.

    Happy Christine; after so many, you'd think I'd get used to them, but each new one stings just as much. The unexpected ones hurt the most because of the surprise factor. Thankfully there are far fewer scratches happening now.

  13. I did look it up on YouTube - hilarious! Great idea!
    And, I guess moving it to different locations keeps the surprise factor up too - never know where it'll appear next!
    Pics of Angel and cat dancer soon please :)

  14. oh River, I can imagine how hard it was for you to see him like that!

    Glad it was short lived and he is back to his playful self.

  15. That is one reason Precious doesn't have a collar. Had a young cat hang himself on the branch of a small tree several years ago and it was collar with a stretchy bit too.
    I can imagine how you were feeling as you watched Angel try to extricate himself from his predicament.
    A thought about wrestling with him. Our Henry used to love me to rub his tummy with my waling stick and he would wrestle with it. I wonder if you have a stick that wouldn't hurt Angel but it would be safer for you and perhaps begin a new game for him. Just a thought.

  16. Vicki; pics soon. not too soon, but soon

    Kelley; Not short lived enough, I cried a bucket of tears in just a few seconds, but so glad it was over as quickly as it was.

    Mimsie; I thought about a stick, but hadn't thought to use the walking stick. I have mum's old stick here. Foolish me, I thought of something smaller like a chopstick and decided against it in case I poked his eye out. He's very happy now with his new toy, a "cat dancer" which gives him quite a workout.

  17. ....River,I'm so sorry to hear about your scare with Angel.
    Glad you both settled down and had lots of cuddles and I hope it never happens again.
    Hugs and Blessings ...
    Barb xxx

  18. I could feel your panic. So frustrating to see a pet struggle, let alone to see them struggle and know you can help but not be able to get in there and fix the situation. Poor both of you.

  19. It's hard to see your pet so upset and not be able to help. I'm glad it turned out all right. The cat dancer toy is an excellent one, isn't it? Our cats all loved the one we had.

  20. It is horrifying to witness, as I once did with my cat. I eventually grabbed the scissors and cut through the collar while he twisted and hopped in the air turning somersaults.

  21. Barbara Neubeck; I hope it never happens again too. More for Angel's sake.

    Karen BakingInATornado; so very glad it was short-lived.

    jenny_o; I checked the cat dancer on you-tube before deciding to get one. On you tube they have it set quite high on a door, but if I do that it is too high for Angel, so I have mine on a kitchen cabinet door, which is a bit too low, but at least he can reach it to play.

    lotta joy; I'm glad I didn't have to do that although I was prepared to.

  22. That would've been very distressing for you both. Perhaps get rid of the collar...I think they're dangerous and do more harm than good.

    In situations like that, pick Angel up...hold his body under the upper part of your arm, firmly...and hold his front paws down with the hand of that arm...and then do whatever it is you have to do.

    I hope you can picture what I'm saying. :)

  23. Lee; I can picture it and that's what I was trying, but he is strong and was fuelled by panic. I couldn't get a firm grip without losing an arm load of skin. He was dashing around in his fright.


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