I must be running on empty by now

I'm telling it to you straight.

Between unexpected encounters with sharper than sharp knives and repeated clawings from Angel, I'm beginning to think I can't have much blood left.
With my best red spurting out faster than my body can replace it, surely the tank must be getting a little low now.
It would explain the tiredness, because surely it can't be the cold mornings keeping me in bed later, I like the cold. It's a great reason to have hot coffee and apple pies.

This morning I was getting ready to go out when I noticed something on the bathroom floor. Something that didn't ought to be there. I'd already swept up, where did this bunch of fluff and hair come from?

I bent down to pick it up and out of nowhere, literally, came a streak of black and grey fur fronted by outstretched claws and *slash*, the heel of my hand is opened and gushing blood.
Did I shriek?
You bet I did.
More from surprise, but there was a little pain. One not too deep gash and two just-broke-the-skin cuts.
I could have sworn Angel was out in the back porch. He streaked right back out the minute I shrieked and I didn't see him come back in.
I cleaned and dried, applied antiseptic and a bandaid.

Five minutes later, walking through to the kitchen, I pushed aside the string curtain and Angel jumped at me from the shelf right next to it.
And slashed another finger. Now all four fingers match.
I shrieked again, from the surprise, and yelled at him. (I hope the neighbours don't think I'm committing murders in here). He took off like a rocket, back out to the porch, while I repeated the wash, disinfect, bandaid routine.

Finally, I'm ready to leave. I poured some crunchies into his bowl, called him inside and he sauntered in, calm as you please, king of his world, and settled down to eat. He even purred as I scratched between his shoulder blades.
I said goodbye, he looked up at me, then continued eating.

I'll buy a big new box of bandaids on my way home later.

This is a scheduled post, all of this happened last Friday.


  1. Ouch. All too familiar. Faster (and more dangerous) than a speeding bullet.
    I hope that his excursion yesterday takes some of the slashiness away.

  2. Thank you, I was starting to think cat, I think I will remain a dog person.

  3. Been there and done that sadly.....best start saving for that declawing.

  4. I hope you won't declaw him. It doesn't involve just removing the nail - but is amputation of the last bone in each toe. If it was done to humans it would mean cutting off each finger at the last knuckle.

  5. HI River,

    I know how you feel; I have no skin left thanks to my hellcat.




  6. Good grief! I'm hoping that your have recovered by now. I also wouldn't want you to spend a fortune in bandaids.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar read this and shook her head is dismay.


  7. Hahahahaha! Sorry for laughing, River...but I can't help it. I love this post...you painted the picture so well...in blood! lol

  8. He hasn't been snipped yet, as I recall. That will take some of the stuffin' out of him.

  9. One day, in years to come, you'll be sitting in your comfy chair, with an older, calmer Angel in your lap purring contentedly. And, as you stroke him, you'll remember his feisty, youthful days and chuckle as you look upon your bandaid free hands.
    Meanwhile, keep the first aid cupboard well stocked.

  10. My ginger cat will do that, the others are all gentle, you have a one with a nasty streak, Our Kidney didn't grow out of it some do.
    make sure you have a texnis shot {not spelt right but you know what I mean} every time they are due.

  11. Oh dear, that is awful. Obviously when you went to pick up whatever it was on the floor Angel thought you were playing but to later deliberately pounce on you and hurt you, that's not on.
    There are times when Precious may not want to be petted but I can do it but she will take a swipe at Phil. Fortunately he realises if she's not in the mood so is careful with her.
    The only times I get little scratches are when she leaps off my lap in a hurry and somehow her claws catch my legs.
    Deinitely no declawing...that is a criminal thing to do to any animal. You can however have their claws clipped I believe. Some people can do it to their cats but mostly it takes the expertise of a vet as either the cat won't let you do it or you can clip and cause bleeding which I believe is quite dangerous for the cat
    I do hope his op will quieten him down as you love him so much and he loves you but just has a strange way of sharing his love at times.
    To me, there is very little more painful than a cat scratch. Ouch!!

  12. Ah ADHD puddy-cat, I think my cat-lovin daughter has some of those, and, shares in Johnson & Johnson ;)
    and the Betadine company.

  13. IT's hard not to laugh at the name you gave him: Angel!

    Still, I hope that your cuts heal fast and that he grows out of this game even faster.

  14. Elephant's Child; it's been a whole day and he is as slashy as ever. I'm wearing three new bandaids as I type this.

    joeh; but a cat will sleep on your chest and keep you warm in winter...whether you want him to or not!

    Delores; there will be NO declawing. To me that's as bad as tail docking, ear shaping and debeaking of chickens. We'll cope.

    Elephant's Child; no worries, I wouldn't even consider it.

    Plasman; you're just one big mass of scar tissue, right?

    klahanie; perhaps I should buy shares in Johnson&Johnson? I could make myself rich! He's still young and will eventually grow out of this behaviour.

    Lee; sometimes I drip so much blood my bathroom looks like a crime scene.

    Joanne; the snip took place yesterday, he's recovered nicely and still slashing at me. Good thing I bought that big box of bandaids.

    Vicki; that's the plan, me and Angel comfy in the sunshine dreaming of our youth.

    Merle; I don't think Angel has a nasty streak, just doesn't realise how his claws hurt. He is very young still, only six months. I'm pretty sure my tetanus shots are up to date. I'll check with my doctor soon.

    Mimsie; the deliberate pounce was my fault. We often play by jumping through the curtain, so that is what he was doing. I just hadn't noticed him come back inside or I would have been on the lookout. He's keeping me on my toes for sure! There will definitely be NO declawing and I'm sure his op will quieten him down, it may take a while for his hormones to settle that's all.

    lotta joy; yes, that's my Angel. Ninja Angel. Master of the surprise slash and grab.

    Rose~from OZ; I don't think he has ADHD, just needs more playing than I give him I think. I need to spend more time at home with him. I've been out so much lately, he's a little lonely I think.

    Kath; there's a devil in this Angel. At first I thought he was a girl, a boy would have been Roscoe, by the time I found out he was a boy it was too late to change his name, he was used to Angel. I'm lucky I'm a fast healer and Angel will grow out of this in time.

  15. One minute our puss can be a pleasant placid and loving creature and the next moment a wild vicious predator, and that is the same story for most mogs.
    Hope your wounds heal soon.

  16. Vest; they are quick-change artists aren't they? Wounds are all healed now, but there is a new one...


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