We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

This is River's daughter K, posting on her behalf. She is currently having internet issues, and will be absent until they are sorted out. She hopes to be back soon.


  1. No River Sunday Selections tomorrow? Aw.

  2. We'll be here waiting.

  3. Thank you. I hope they are sorted out quickly. Very quickly.

  4. Yes sometimes we pay so much and end up getting shortchanged - hope all is up and running again soon

  5. Hope all is well soon we are missing you.

  6. Damn 'puters and the "net" they are ensnared by ;)
    Hope the issues are resolved very soon.
    Thanks for letting us know, K.

  7. I'm back!!
    I use prepaid internet and foolishly didn't keep track and allowed it to expire. Went to the shop for a new voucher, then forgot my password so couldn't recharge. Got locked out after three false tries and requested they sms me my password.
    They didn't....
    anyway, hours (and hours) later I remembered the password also realised I'd been entering my username wrong, D'OH!!
    still, enforced time away wasn't all bad, I vacuumed, made a cake, played with Angel until I was exhausted!
    I'll get busy now with my Sunday Selections post.


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