how much sleep does one cat need?

If only Angel would let me sleep this long or this often....

to sleep, perchance to dream

curled up tight

is that a smile I see?

yes, it is. I wonder what he is dreaming about?

all stretched out.

the whole couch is his!

he couldn't possibly get more relaxed.
Could he?


  1. Is it possible to dream about sleep??

  2. You'll soon be sleeping at cat sleep times.

  3. Twenty three out of twenty four hours, it seems. They move fast enough in that last hour to make us think they're awake longer.

  4. Awww will you look at his adorable little spots and stripes...!! And the 'side view' of cats' mouths always gets me - such cute smiles they have.

    As for sleeping, dogs are like that too. I honestly think that they say to themselves: "Ah well, nothing's happening right now, so why not have a nap?" It's a skill I envy!

  5. He's growing...he needs lots of food and lots of sleep and lots and lots and lots of attention.

  6. I would LOVE to be able to relax as well as a cat. I would also love a fraction of their flexibility.
    And of course that is a smile. He is a very happy boy. Awake or asleep.

  7. Nothing imitates the ability of a cat to stretch, dream, and roll...and roll....and...

    My favorite cat loved to chase a jack ball and bring it back to me. One day I was the one sleeping and I must have had my mouth open, because the next thing I knew, Charlie walked over my face and one paw fell into my mouth.

  8. Cats are the king of sleep but I have learnt to shut the bedroom when I'm asleep as they do like to kiss and cuddle when you are asleep and nothing is worse than getting you nose licked by a sandpaper wet thing and waking up.
    But they do look very cute while rolling around in their sleep.

  9. Angel is dreaming about what mischief he's gotten up to, and what further mischief he can get up to once he awakens.

    A boy must have his sleep, you know! It's a tough, hectic and energy-filled life being a kitten!

  10. Lovely images.
    I envy his flexibility too.
    Perhaps you could take cat naps when he does? I know it's difficult for us humans, when we always have stuff to do during the day.
    Cats save their energy for their nocturnal activities.
    You've probably read this, but here's a relevant link...

  11. I know we live in a time of exact scientific measurement but there is no discernible upper limit to how much sleep a cat needs.

  12. joeh; yes it is, I've done it.

    Andrew; I wish! I've been feeling very tired lately and wish I could nap as often as Angel.

    Joanne; sometimes that one waking hour is a nightmare.

    Kath; if I didn't have to much else that needs doing I'd be sleeping too. I'm lucky enough I can fall asleep easily.

    Delores; it's the lots and lots of attention that is getting me so tired.

    Elephant's Child; when I have time and opportunity I can relax well, but I'll envy their flexibility until the day I die.

    lotta joy; angel will chase balls but hasn't yet learned to bring one back to me. He walks on my face when I'm sleeping too.

    Merle; I shut Angel out of the bedroom now until predawn, when he wakes and has a mouthfuls of dry food, I have to get up then and wee anyway, so after that he comes to bed and sleeps on my hair or chest until he's hungry, then I get the licking.

    Lee; a lot like a teenage boy. Half an hour of frenzied activity followed by 15 hours of sleep.

    Vicki; I'd love to nap when he does and sometimes do, but there is so much else that needs doing and when Angel is sleeping is the only time I can do much of it. I'll check that link.

  13. Mine has just woken up from a 3 hour nap and is demanding to be fed RIGHT NOW. You'd think he'd been out on a marathon instead of snoring on my chair.

  14. I wish I could sleep like a cat. Angel is really growing fast. He must be fully grown by now. It's all that good care he gets.

  15. .... River..your Angel is gorgeous....
    My dog, Kyton sleeps at least 85% of the time... he has a few minutes of activity and then ..back to sleep.He is 11 years old and has been like this his whole life..
    I sometimes think it would be great to just sleep anytime Angel and Kyton.. then again ... it sounds a bit boring...
    Hugs and blessings... Barb xx

  16. He is such a beautiful kitty - such nice markings. Yes, I love the cat smiles, too :)

  17. Darn, I must have missed this one. Angel is just soooo beautiful and he is not really tabby but has spots similar to one of the cats I did in my A-Z of cats.
    I can't take pics of Precious now. For some reason she is terrified of the camera and even if I turn it on in the next room she hears something and runs for her life.
    I hope you are getting a few less scratches now.


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