Angel helps with the housework

You don't think cats can help with housework?

Here's the evidence>>>

which duster would you like?

I'll get the sponge for you.

you missed a spot, I'll dry it.

all dry now.

time to put the mat back

and take a nap.

Oh, you folding clothes now?

I got the socks, open the drawer please

oh now, this is too much.
Get out of my knickers drawer!


  1. Very, very familiar. Mind you, our cats don't help with the vacuuming (the suck monster is evil) though Jazz supervises from safe vantage spots.

  2. My goodness he is growing.

  3. Angel is such a pretty little fellow; and I think he knows it, too. Mother's little helper!

    As Delores said...he certainly is growing...he's such a sweetie. :)

  4. A fine coat of fur for the winter.

  5. Aren't they constant little companions with the curiosity of Angel is beautiful, and I do believe she was scooting the dust UNDER the rug.

  6. HA! Cats are oh so very good at "helping", no matter what the chore. Ours especially love to help me change the sheets on the bed.

  7. In the knickers drawer, eh? I'm proud of him.

  8. We loved the tour! Miss Kitty was good at helping around the house too. It's a treat to visit with other purry friends.

  9. Elephant's Child; Angel doesn't mind the vacuum, he chases the brush head around.

    Delores; he is a big boy. I don't over feed him at all, but he has heavy bones like his mum. I'd say his dad is a sturdy fellow too.

    Lee; he is very pretty and at only 6 1/2 months old he still has some growing to do.

    Andrew; I wish I had a fur coat for the winter. I'll have to make do with Angel sleeping on my shoulder and chest. He wraps himself across my throat too, very warm!

    lotta joy; trust me, there was no dust. All my dust lives under the couch and under the bed. He's curious alright. Wants to taste every single thing I eat. He loves scrambled eggs!

    Susan; Angel likes to play with the sheets when I'm trying to make the bed, but he plays with claws! So I have to shut him out while I do that particular chore.

    Joanne; typical male! in the knickers.

    Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life; welcome to drifting. I'm pretty sure Angel wants to get his paws into the dishwashing water too, he likes bubbles, but he can't yet get up onto the kitchen bench. Which is a good thing! It's the last place I have to stash stuff I don't want him getting at.

  10. Clever Angel!
    Could do with your help at my house :)

  11. A very useful little helper. Precious loves to help make the beds but we're never sure we really need that kind of help. She is terrified of the vacuum. You only have to get it out and she's gone before it's even turned on.
    Now she is afraid of my camera so I can't get any shots of her. If I turn it on in the next room she knows and vanishes. There is obviously a sound it makes that is unheard by human ears.
    I wonder if Angel will shed any fur as the weather warms up? Precious has a summer coat and a winter coat each year.

  12. It looks from the pic as though you have your laundry room in the bathroom? Or am I getting mixed up?

  13. Vicki; I'll send him over. And finally get a good night's sleep!

    Mimsie; mostly a hindrance, but so cute at the same time.
    I hope Angel doesn't shed too much, everything here is already covered in cat hair now. I'm washing two blankets a week, where before Angel I would only wash them in the spring cleaning.
    He's getting too used to the camera. When he sees it now, he will often just sit and look at it while I snap away.

    Happy Christine; yes, it is a combined laundry, shower, toilet. No tub, so I can't have a good hot soak to ease the muscles, but on the other hand, no tub to scrub.

  14. Well isn't he lovely to be so helpful... Though I'm not surprised there's no photo of him "helping" with the clothes folding - I have to whip clean clothes baskets away from my cat quick smart too!
    She also likes to sit in my daughter's underwear drawer, and my daughter knows she is not supposed to let her!
    We have a a combined bathroom and laundry too - it sucks :)

  15. Jackie K; Angel's favourite thing is "helping" make the bed.


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