Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from Under The Porch Light, has a meme which she calls

“Words for Wednesday”.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem.

I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

This week's words are:

1. essence
2. flippant
3. mercury
4. speeding
5. nonchalant
6. shadowed

Here is my story:

(an instalment of the Angelo-Cordelia saga) 

Summer had been in full swing for a couple of months now and every day the mercury was rising in the kitchen thermometer. Surely it must start to cool down soon, autumn was only a few weeks away.
Beth Silkie and her daughter Cordelia were seated in the shadowed corner of the yard where the largest oak tree in town grew right next to a giant magnolia. Under those leaves the temperature was at least 15 degrees cooler, maybe even twenty. 

Cordelia was engaged to be married and the excitement at her approaching wedding was reaching fever pitch. She was going to be Mrs. Angelo Carmine!

Beth said, as they sipped home made lemonade in tall glasses clinking with ice cubes, "you must remember Cordy, the wedding is an important day, but it isn't the only part of a marriage. It's the fanciest part, but only the beginning. 
You and Angelo will have many, many years together. Some days will be good, some will be bad. There will be fights, then you'll make up. 
There may be outside problems that need to be faced and these will have to be faced together. The very essence of a marriage is the togetherness. 

You cannot be flippant and make jokes when Angelo comes to you with a problem. Even if you don't see the problem, you'll need to listen and discuss. Talk things through. Eventually you will see what it is that he may be worried about. A solution can be found. Perhaps a compromise is necessary. 
One of the most important things to remember is never, ever, be nonchalant about the money. Finances simply must be discussed. The earlier the better in my opinion. And often. Set aside a time for a weekly or monthly discussion on income and expenses. Be prepared to cut back on things when times get hard. Discuss how much each of you will have as carrying around money. Be prepared to adjust that amount if necessary. "

Cordelia listened to what Beth was saying. She and Angelo had already had a similar discussion and she knew too, that Angelo, right now, was having the same talk with his parents. 
For a moment her thoughts wandered as she wished her dad could have been here too, for this important talk. He could have held Beth's hand and helped calm her nervousness a bit. But daddy had important business over in London and wouldn't be home until the end of this month.

Cordelia brought her mind back to what Beth was saying.

"Don't make the mistake of living on credit. Couples just starting out don't need to have every luxury they see on television shows. Each new thing saved and earned over time becomes more of a treasure because of the effort involved. It's more satisfying to work for something than to just go and buy it. On top of that, think of the bills that come in after you've bought things on credit, with all the added interest. I've known too many people speeding along the road to divorce because of money problems that weren't discussed and worked out early enough."

Cordelia nodded agreement as she poured more lemonade for them both, adding a good number of ice cubes to each glass. She already knew most of what her mum was saying, they'd talked extensively over the past few months, but she also knew her mum was a bit nervous and needed to be able to say all this to her. After all, this was the first wedding for both families. Her mum felt the need to give advice and Cordelia would listen. It would be easier on Beth when each of Cordelia's sisters eventually married. Beth would sail through those weddings like a trouper. 

Thank goodness this wedding was planned for mid autumn, it would be so much cooler then and guests could wear their fanciest outfits without worrying about sweating and fainting from the heat.

Beth continued, "try to not have a baby straight away. Wait a while and get some money in the bank. Gather baby things before you need them if you like, while you are still working and can afford to pay for them. The big stuff like a cot and pram. Classic styles never go out of fashion. You can store them in the basement here, there's plenty of room." 

Cordelia hid a little smile at that piece of advice. It was something she and Angelo had already discussed at length. They'd planned to be married at least five years before trying for a baby, after all Cordelia was only 21, (almost 22) and Angelo just 23. There was plenty of future ahead for babies.


  1. I love this series....but, Cordelia could have a little surprise. Babies sometimes have a mind of their own as to when they will arrive. The best laid plans and all that.....

  2. Cordelia is so nice, listening to all that advice and not saying 'yes, I know' or other dismissive phrases. Advice which is based on caring. Lots and lots of caring.

  3. And you told me my first chapter was almost as long as a book!!!! Tsk! Tsk! :)

    I hope we all get an invitation to the wedding!

    Good story. :)

  4. Very good advice, even if it's just common sense it's amazing how many people don't have that, and mum feels better too.

  5. Mums all like to think they are so much wiser than their children. Perhaps in some cases they are but young people often go off at a tangent and do things they regret later in life.
    I hope Angelo's mum or dad gives the same advice to him as Beth has to Cordelia as marriage is two-way street.
    This story is growing so beautifully and I am sure we will be present at the wedding in the autumn. Glad it won't be too hot then.

  6. Delores; I thought about that, we'll have to wait and see.

    Elephant's Child; this is set in an earlier time, not too long ago, but when children had more respect for parents and listening.

    Lee; ha ha, I did didn't I? I get cranky when the head hurts because my eyes won't focus so I can't read more than a few lines.

    Merle; mums do worry when their firstborn is about to leave the nest and hand out all sorts of advice whether it is needed or not.

    Mimsie; I know my mum thought she was wiser than me, and she probably was. I'm a bit "head in the clouds" sort of person. I know all four of mine are far wiser than I was at their ages.
    I'm not sure how to write about a wedding, I've only ever been to three and one of those was mine where my mum and his mum took over and did everything they wanted. And I was happy enough to let them.

  7. I like her. And I like her dad.

    You write so well. More, please.


  8. I love these relationships you create. They feel so real and relatable.

  9. Cordelia is a good girl, but I'm looking forward to reading about the times that she *will* put her foot down....

  10. I agree with Kath. You are building up to make us wonder when she's going to blow. Nice writing.

  11. It's Friday, and I read every word while I should have been helping my husband clean the house. So I thank you on several levels.

    It was a wonderful way to use every word!

  12. Pearl; there's more about Angelo and Cordelia in previous Fridays, probably a month ago. I began in their future where A + C are 75 and 78.

    Karen BakingInATornado; thank you. I'm not good at relationships myself, so this is surprising me.

    Kath; she's good right now, because she knows her mum is just a bit nervous about the wedding. But she's feisty enough at other times.

    debi o'neille; welcome to drifting. This piece is actually a back story to the beginning I started months ago when Cordelia is 75.

    lotta joy; your husband cleaned the house?? Is he for hire? you could make a fortune! Glad you enjoyed the story.

  13. I love your story - and your ability to weave it around those six words. Honestly, when I saw those I began to hyperventilate! Wonderful....and I felt like I'd observed the entire mother-daughter conversation. Hats off to you, River. -Vickie


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