Angel's Recovery

First, thank you all for your kind thoughts and words.

Angel coped really well with having no breakfast. I was able to distract him with lot of playing and eventually we were at the vet's office the minute he opened for the day.
I took the opportunity to get all my vacuuming done without Angel chasing the hose and brush head, then went to the bank for the money to pay the vet.
While I was there I had a phone call from the lovely receptionist who told me Angel had already had his operation and I could pick him up anytime after 2pm. It was already after noon by now, so I ate lunch then read a book until 2pm and went to get my Angel.
I carried him home in his carrier and even though he was still groggy, he put his paws through the door for me to stroke.

It was recommended that I place Angel in a warm quiet spot to sleep it off, so I placed him on the couch in his favourite corner and walked away to put the kettle on. There was a thump behind me as Angel jumped down to the floor and followed me to sit on my feet while I spooned coffee powder and sugar into my cup. Awww, he loves me!

While I carried my hot coffee to the table, this very groggy kitty clawed his way to the top of his scratching post, got balanced on the top ledge and jumped across to the table.

 I put him back on the couch and he came right back to the table. He wanted to be cuddled. So we got comfy on the couch and he crawled onto my chest and buried his face just under my chin.
I think he had a headache from the anaesthetic, (just like I always do), because for the next few hours, he slept on my ribs with his forehead pressed in hard just above my boobs.

Eventually he followed me to the kitchen again as I heated some soup for my dinner and he ate a little food. I'd been told to offer him half the amount he usually eats, so I did, he ate it all and drank some cat milk, then went back to sleep on my ribs, again with his forehead pressed in close.
Just an hour later, he ate more food, drank more milk then slept on the couch for a while.

By 6.30pm, he was awake and walking around, a little stiffly, a little wobbly, but definitely better. Jumped on and off the bed a couple of times while I changed into my pyjamas, because he'd weed on my pants while half asleep. He drank a lot of water and I wiped his eyes again. They were very weepy, so much so there were drops on his cheeks as if he'd been crying. A side effect of the anaesthetic I'd say, because his eyes are fine today.
We played a little, he rested a bit while I read blogs and left comments, then he jumped back onto the table for his nightly chin and chest scratch. He does this by sitting between me and the keyboard, placing one paw on my chest, then flipping over to lay along my arm so I can scratch his chest and under his chin while he purrs.

I was surprised at his level of activity, (especially climbing his scratching tower soon after getting home), and he continued this way until by 8.30pm he was completely recovered. Back to normal. Wide awake and wanting to play.

Today, he is back to leaping at me from behind doors and miaowing in the bathroom because he wants me to throw his ball into the shower for him.


  1. I am so very glad he recovered well. And also glad, and unsurprised that he turns to you when he is feeling a bit poorly. He does indeed love you.

  2. That cat has so much love for you and so much trust too as you are the one that took him to the vet.
    Hopefully you will be able in time to quieten him down so his impulse to leap on you and scratch will be quelled.
    I am so glad he is OK and the little boys do recover much quicker than the little girls after 'the' op.
    You have a beautiful companion there, hopefully for many years to come.
    Another book in the post soon.

  3. Very glad that all went well and that Angel is home and already playing again :) our pets really grab a piece of our hearts don't they?

  4. I'm guessing, River, that he's had the snip? Maybe that will stop some of his aggressive scratching?

    ....and photos of him recovering?

  5. He doesn't connect you to what happened at the far as he is concerned, you saved him from the vets. What a sweet little guy.

  6. Yes, one completely recovered kitty and don't you forget it! What a guy.

  7. Elephant's Child; he does indeed love me, just as I love him.

    Mimsie; he will quieten down in time, he needs to grow up a bit that's all, but I still would prefer him playful rather than placid, just not tearing in to me. I've had females desexed before and one of them tore out her stitches and we had to race back to the vet, boys are definitely easier in this regard.

    Optimistic Existentialist; me too, a quick recovery is the best way to go for sure. I'd be miserable if he was still getting over it. I don't like Angel to feel bad or sick.

    Kath; yes, he's had the snip, no longer a full male. I think he still has some testosterone in his system, I don't know how long it takes to get "used up" if that is the correct term, so he will calm down, just not right away. But soon and in the meantime I will continue wearing thick gardening gloves when playing with him.
    I did take a couple of photos, but he just looks like he is sleeping and then he wanted to be cuddled until he felt better, so the camera got put away.If you check last Saturday's post, you'll see him smiling.

    Delores; I'm not sure how Angel's mind works, but I know he isn't afraid to go to the vet, I'm always cheerful when I take him and the doctor is a lovely man, there's no fear or mistrust there at all. He is a sweetie.

  8. Wonderful to read that all's well. Certainly a quick recovery. The bond between you both is so strong - all he wanted was his mum to help him heal and recover. So sweet. He's safe and sound and back home, where he belongs.

  9. Now you've got me thinking cat again.

  10. Sounds like Angel recovers trauma better than we would. What a sweet feeling, the purring onto your chest!

  11. A little champion!
    You and he - a true team in the making :)

  12. Poor little fellow...he certainly does love you; and you him. They're wonderful creatures our cats. :)

    Glad to learn all is back to normal! All is forgotten. ;)

  13. Glad to see he is back to normal, I have been told that male cats after desexing get fat and spend much time grooming let me know if this is true.

  14. Joanne; he's not likely to let me forget it.

    Vicki; and he will always be safe and sound here at home.

    joeh; teeter totter. Just buy a pair of strong gardening gloves for when you play with a cat.

    Susan Kane; it was a lovely feeling and I got all emotional and felt very protective.

    Rose~from OZ; we're a team alright. He makes a mess, I clean it up. He wants cuddles, I give them.

    Lee; in Angel's mind, Wednesday is a distant memory, a vague feeling that something happened.

    Merle; I'll certainly let you know if that happens, but it may not as I plan to keep a careful eye on his diet and not feed more than he should have. He's active too, so may not put on weight until he is older, apart from the increased weight as he grows to adulthood.

  15. Yay! SOMEHOW I missed this post and I scrolled about knowing you wouldn't leave a good reader hanging. God bless you. Sounds like he's ok and forgives. :)


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