Angel exploring

These photos were taken after Angel had been with me for about a month, I'd decided to let him out into the back porch and went out every few minutes to be sure he wasn't getting stuck somewhere.

a little help please?

I've climbed a bit too high.
I did help him down, but only that once. Now he gets down from anywhere by himself.

This print looks a little small to me, is anyone having trouble reading it?
I could make it larger
How's this? Too big?
Let's try this. Well it's a bit better, a different font. This is the one I prefer to use, but it seems to have reset itself to the default. That's annoying. And I have to manually select this font with every sentence now.

I know mum takes this contraption when she goes away and it's always full of exciting stuff when she comes home, if I climb in, maybe she won't notice and I'll get to go too.

I wonder what's up here? 
This is the narrow gap between the cupboard and the edge of the porch, closed off with shade cloth, bamboo matchstick blinds and in this particular section a sheet of heavy duty plastic, to keep wind driven rain off the cupboard. A rare occurrence, but I don't want the cupboard getting wet.

nothing much to see....

I'll just get comfy on this little ledge, I can see through the shade cloth and watch that other cat from here.

Now onto some serious business. The default font on this blog is Times. Does anyone know how I can reset the default? I really prefer Arial. Times is just that little bit too small.



  1. They do squeeze themselves into some incredible vantage points don't they. Window ledges are always a favourite here.
    Changing the font ought to be simple, but I went away and had a fiddle after I read this post, and my font didn't stay changed either. Hopefully someone else will be more help.

  2. You need to go into your 'settings' choose advanced and post font and then choose your font type and size from there. don't forgt to 'save'.

  3. Sorry can't help you with the font if I have problems I just ask my computer guy, my daughters partner and he fixes it for me but my front often changes for no reason.
    Oh the adventures of a young cat always interesting mine just sleep a lot now.

  4. I think Delores has the answer.

    I wonder how long the matchstick blinds will last?

  5. The half life of the blinds may be very short. My cat thinks he frightens fewer birds if he only puts his head through, and lays on all the slats remaining under him. They've become quite a mess.

  6. Delores is right.
    On your dashboard, go to Design>Template>Customise>Advanced. Then, click on Page, then alter the font style/size. Arial or Verdana 16px is often a good choice.
    **Remember to click the orange button "Apply to Blog", over on the right hand side of the page at top task bar.

    Cute Angel, doing what cats love doing... exploring.
    The ability to get into tight, awkward spaces is amazing.

  7. The more likely a cat is to get stuck, the more he/she will want to do the thing that will cause the stuckness. It's in the cat rule book.

  8. Elephant's Child; he has discovered the lounge window sill too and I'm able to get out the front door quick enough now when he is up there.

    Delores; thanks, I'll give that a try.

    Merle; Angel will sleep a lot when he is older too, he'll be more of a companion then, instead of a devil.

    Andrew; the blinds seem fairly tough and the shade cloth behind them is strong too. They were here when I moved in and the previous tenant had large birds that climbed all over them, so I'm hoping they'll last a good while.

    Joanne; he mostly squeezes behind the blinds to climb the shade cloth, I'm a bit worried he'll tear a hole in that and escape, but so far it seems to be safe.

    Vicki; thanks. I've written the instructions down from you and Delores and I'll make the change as soon as I finish comments.
    angel surprises me by still fitting behind the washing machine.

    jenny_o; there's a cat rule book?? I'll have to make sure Angel never reads it. So far he has never actually got stuck, he pretends to be, so I ignore him and he comes strolling back inside when he's ready.

  9. well, that seems to have worked, thank you Delores and Vicki. The box where I type the comment before publishing is still using times, I probably can't change that, but it publishes in Arial and hopefully I won't have to manually select my font when typing on the new post page.

  10. OMG what are all those blue posts?
    Your Angel reminds me so much of Precious when she was small but then she had Henry to play with and the two of them would get into some extraordinary places.
    I hope you get your print size worked out although I new have any problems reading your posts. I think Delores may have solved the problem for you. Some people know so much don't they?

  11. River... don't click on the dubious comments. They're spam.
    Go into your comments section and delete them.

  12. My font of choice is Helvetica similar to Arial. But I do find sometimes the size will suddenly vary with no reason I can work out. Frustrating.
    I love those matchstick blinds. Suspect they will need to be regularly replaced. He's a cutie.

  13. Mimsie; they're spam and I'm going to delete them right now.

    Vicki; yes I know, I'll go in and delete them. It's been a while since any spam got through.

    Jackie K; I haven't had to replace the blinds yet and they were already here when I moved in three years ago. I should probably start saving some $$ though, just in case.

  14. Mimsie; I got the font and size altered by following Delores and Vicki's directions. I sometimes wish I had brought home two kittens, but know that really one is all I have energy and money for.

    Vicki; Done. And found quite a few more in back posts comments which I also deleted.

  15. Hi River,

    My three are the same - event the fat one.




  16. Isn't it fun to watch a cat's antics? One of our cats, Dash, has no fear, and will climb absolutely anywhere. Scares the stuffing out of me to catch her balancing on top of the valance above our bedroom window, or lounging on top of the closet door, or on top of the fridge or china cabinet. Some of those places, I'm not even sure how in the world she gets UP there, but there's no rest in my bottom until one of us gets her back down.

  17. Uh-oh! Angel's found the blind! That will become his favourite place to play now. lol

    A good way to make a quick escape (you, I'm referring to, River) out your front door so Angel doesn't get out is to carry a rather damp chux or cloth in your hand...and if/when he tries to make a move on the exit, flick the water at him...he'll back off pretty quickly...or should do!

  18. Plasman; it's a cat thing.I just need to get used to it all over again.

    Susan; it sure is fun to watch when Angel is leaping around after shadows and dust mites. He doesn't climb the curtains yet, I think he can't get a grip because the fabric is backed with blockout coating, or maybe he doesn't think to try. Yet. There are no valances so maybe that helps, he can't see any place to sit up there. I'm dreading the day he learns to jump from table to the top of the entertainment unit, it's quite high and as it sits across a corner there is a long drop behind that he could fall down into.

    Lee; the blind is his favourite place to get behind and climb the shade cloth there. Getting out the front door is fairly easy now, I give Angel a tiny push with my foot while saying "back away" and he backs away and sits down while I go in or out.

  19. ... your Angel is gorgeous, River.....kittens are so entertaining.... and cuddly...
    Hugs and blessings ...
    Barb xxx


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