there's a mouse in the house

eeek! a mouse!

look at that! A mouse right there on my bathroom mat.


the cheeky little bugger is even poking out his little blue tongue at me.

where's a cat when you need one?


  1. Feed that little mouse some catnip and the cat will be all over it ... Very cute!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I bought six little grey and blue ones similar to that (scented with catnip) for my two rascals as their present last Christmas. They couldn't have cared less about them then, but now they play with them every day. And I'm the one having to find them, the mice, when Remy and Shama flick them under a bookcase, shelf, bed or whatever! There are a couple still missing...I can't find them anywhere, but no doubt, they'll turn up...eventually!

    They have a ball with them...they've returned to kitten-stage and are so funny and entertaining to watch.

  3. We once had a mouse in the house too. The scurrying, thieving, pooping and piddling kind. Himself asked 'what's the use of having a cat?'.
    They heard him. The next morning when he went to put his shoe on a mouse head rolled out of it.
    And goodness Angel is photogenic.

  4. We get mouse gifts sometimes but they are not always dead, sometimes they are alive and running for their lives in my house.

  5. Our dear old Nick had a yellow catnip mouse....he's been gone such a long time now but I still have his mousie.

  6. EEP! Until I clicked through, I didn't know it was fake!

  7. Another one taken for a ride here - when I read the title I thought 'oh Angel will have fun'
    I have memories of retrieving those from under countless pieces of furniture in years gone by. We are down to one cat now, she is nearly 14 and is more interested in sleeping these days.
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  8. Our Henry had a green satin mouse and Precious occasionally has a play with it. Your little mouse does look very realistic though.
    I wonder will Angel turn out to be a good mouser? Phil found a young rat dead on our front doormat last week. Precious may be heading for 13 but she is still very quick.
    Your Angel does remind me so much of Precious with his white feet and his colouring altho' she is more grey than true tabby.

  9. Where's the cat?? Elsewhere, lying in ambush ;)

  10. ......the cat is too busy getting over the 'snip'. ;)

  11. Looks like the cat might have been snacking instead of mousing :)

  12. snacking on the plant, that is

  13. Andrea; the packet had catnip printed on it, so I thought the mice did have catnip in them, but he hardly plays with them at all. I'll have to find better quality catnip toys.

    Lee; I'm going to search for better quality catnip toys, these were from cheap-as-chips. Angel keeps losing his one and only ping pong ball under the bed or washing machine, or someplace that I can never find. In that last case, he has to go without until he finds it himself. once it took him three weeks. I'll have to buy more, he loves them.

    Elephant's Child; I had a mouse in the house at my last flat, I named him Mickey. Once I found out where he was getting in, I blocked it off with steel wool. I love how well Angel comes up in photos!

    Merle; Angel doesn't get outside, so I will never have dead or half dead gifts, thank goodness.

    Delores; you can give mousie to a new cat once you get settled in a new place.

    Happy Christine; I thought the striped tail would be a dead giveaway!

    Joanne; he is for sure.

    Cathy; I'm retrieving all kinds of tiny toys from under the couch and bed. Usually the ping pong ball or little strips of Velcro rolled into a ball. Angel loves those.

    Mimsie; there aren't any mice here, so we will never find out if Angel is a good mouser, but he is very quick to catch balls I toss or roll for him.

    Vicki; not this time, thank goodness. I've had a whole day without a single scratch. So far.
    The night is still young....

    Rose~from OZ; no way, he got over that by bedtime on the day it happened. Woke up twice as lively the next morning.

    jenny_o; he doesn't snack on that grass, just rips bits off and leaves them on the floor.

  14. Hi River,

    Just make sure Angel doesn't present a "live" mouse as a gift - like one of our cats did.




  15. I have lots of furry toy mice in my house for my cat :)

  16. Plasman; there doesn't seem to be any mice around here. There's a snake or two in the grounds I've heard, and I've seen a couple of lizards, but no mice.

    Optimistic Existentialist; I have about four, but Angel prefers the ping pong ball and a small black rubber ball which is a little unbalanced so it keeps rolling off in different directions whenever it bumps into something.

  17. Our Minnie has white paws and white chest and similar colouring elsewhere like your puss.
    Last week she received a postcard addressed to her from the Vet reminding her that her annual Jabs were due.
    Getting her in the box can be quite a trial.


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