Whimsical Wednesday # 126

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

cuteness times three!

My thoughts are with Angel, today is his big day.
Also my youngest grand daughter's tenth birthday. Happy birthday Minnie! (not her real name)


  1. 10th birthdays are so exciting for the young ones, it marks the start of double figures! Happy birthday to your sweet granddaughter river.
    Oh my, thinking of angel today, the big snip huh. :(

  2. Perhaps he'll be a bit calmer after this....hopefully.

  3. Love those kittehs. Good luck for Angel - and you. No breakfast will have been a trial and a torment for both of you.
    Happy birthday to your granddaughter too.

  4. I owned only one male cat but the girls don't mind being snipped no fellows hanging around, they just settle down and get fat.
    Happy 10 birthday.

  5. Oh I know that middle of the afternoon feeling lol
    we've had several orange ones over the years - ginger toms are so loving. And so Angel will continue to be after his snip.
    Take care
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    Cathy @ Still Waters

  6. Rose~from OZ; Minnie was very happy with her gift, I sent her some cash and she bought another doll, probably another Bratz doll, she must have all of them by now.
    Angel's big day is over now, he's on the couch sleeping off the anaesthetic.

    Delores; I don't want Angel completely placid, but I'll be happy if he loses at least some of the urge to slash and bite.

    Elephant's Child; no breakfast wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We played a lot to distract him and I didn't eat breakfast either, it didn't seem fair to make Angel watch me eat when he couldn't.

    Merle; I've owned male and female in the past and every one of them has been desexed. It's easier with males, they don't need stitches and the operation is a lot quicker.

    Cathy; I've had two gingers, one when I was very small, and one before Angel, but 20 years ago and I had to have him put down due to kidney failure.
    Angel is fine now, sleeping off the anaesthetic, but he gave me his trademark nose-lick kiss, so I know he is okay.

  7. Good luck to Angel, I'm sure he'll be fully recovered in no time. Meantime enjoy the peace while he sleeps off the anaesthetic.
    And happy birthday to your granddaughter. Double digits: very special.

  8. Jackie K; Angel slept off most of the anaesthetic on my chest with his forehead pressed in tight. I expect he had a headache, I know I do after surgery. It's almost 8.30pm now and he is fully recovered and chasing a toy around the room.

  9. Such cute kittens!! Love those furry friends. And happy birthday to your granddaughter!! My thoughts are with Angel.

  10. Oh, I laughed out loud at this one and am still chuckling.
    Hope Angel's op goes well and he'll be perhaps a little quieter now. Was it much of a trial for you when he wasnt allowed to eat? Lots of cries of "Mum, don't you love me any more?"
    Lovely to have a granddaughter turn 10. I hope she has a great day.

  11. No late nights now for Angel chasing the girls on the corners under the red lights! His urges have come to a full stop! ;)

    Angel will stop taking out all his pent-up testosterone on you now he doesn't have any!

    Sorry...I'm still giggling away here over your latest post, River. I've a sick sense of humour...as you've probably now discovered! :)

    Give Angel a cuddle for me.

  12. Optimistic Existentialist; kittens aren't always as cute as they look.

    Mimsie; angel coped really well with no breakfast. We stayed in bed late playing chase through the quilt folds and under the pillows, then played a lot to distract him once I was up. The we were at the vet's the minute he opened for the day.

    Lee; I think he still has a little testosterone in his system as he is still slashing at me. He recovered really well from his op though.


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