everybody hates it

except me.

I have a hobby. One of those foolish dreams type of things. I cut pictures from magazines and keep them in a folder; pictures of things I love that I would one day like to have in the house of my dreams.
Garden ideas, kitchen pictures, a picture of something totally ugly, but with a great wall colour in the background.
I even have pictures of houses that I like and the floor plans too.

So, back to the thing everybody hates.
A picture of a bed.

I love this bed! I want this bed.
Of course I can't have it, I don't have the cash or the space available.
Nor do I know where I would get such a bed.
I've had the picture for several years now and I still like the bed.

Many times I've been flipping through the folder and come across pictures of things I no longer like and have a ripping time disposing of them.
But the bed remains, as does one of the houses and the best kitchen in the world.

Tell me what you think. Be honest. If you hate it, let me know.

To me it looks like the sort of bed where I could sit up surrounded by pillows and quilts, reading and drinking hot chocolate while a storm rages outside.
I love the size, the style, the colour, see where I stuck a small square cut from a paint chart? I matched the colour as closely as I could, in case I ever have a bed frame again, I can at least paint it in the colour I like. I even like the wall colour behind the bed.

I'm here a lot today aren't I?


  1. Elegant and cozy. I wouldn't mind having the room, either.

  2. It's a nice bed. I like the wall color also.

  3. Joanne; I agree, the room is lovely too.

    joeh; Odd that I have to 'go overseas' to find like-minded people.

  4. Love the bed but I have a lovely wrought iron bed in cream so that's one down. I also have a book of "I wants" and the bathroom section is stacked and carved base couches and lounge chairs. I hate this modern furniture that has one sitting 2 inches from the floor. At the moment I'm drooling over a white gloss kitchen with pale pink appliances.

  5. I love the bed, and the room - for someone else. I would like to visit, but can't see it as my 'forever' bed. Not certain why.

  6. Well I have a folder that holds a house plan I drew a few years ago and it's to scale, including the the cut outs for the furniture so I can see how everything fits. (I'll never now get to build this little house I created) and your bed would never fit!

  7. I too have a "dream home/garden" folder where I've stored images and ideas from brochures/magazines over the years.
    My tastes have changed, and I now yearn for less stuff around me and not so colourful walls - of which I had many.
    Perhaps because I work in many hued ceramics which feeds my need for colour, I yearn for a more quiet decor palette.

    The bed is beautifully crafted, but not my style. Probably because (when sober) my mother used to buy/sell antiques and, at one point, her house was filled with dusty old, large furniture and antiquities which were so overbearing.

  8. JahTeh; nice to see you here. my current bed is a mattress and base only affair, single size, it's all I have room for. I'm lusting over a high-gloss cream kitchen with a bench top in a light blue/green-white shade which reminds me of those foamy little waves at the shore. I'll email you the image.

    Elephant's Child; I can see it as my forever bed, but the house style would have to suit also, otherwise the bed would look out of place. I have a second choice bedroom suite.

    Rose~from OZ; you draw your own plans too?? I don't do mine exactly to scale, just roughly. I start with the kitchen&pantry and expand from there. I always draw large spaces because a) I believe in dreaming big, b) before I lived in units I always had plenty of space and I miss that. I know smaller is easier and quicker to clean, but I get tired of taking two steps and bumping up against something.

    Vicki; I've spent so many years in rented accommodation with white or cream walls, I yearn for colour. I have it in some of my furniture and my curtains are bold in shades of blue/green/red/yellow. I don't wish for less stuff, but more space to put it in would be lovely. I can imagine how a house over-filled with big old antiques would be too much to live with.

  9. I don't mind it ...you know what you need? You need a doll house. Then you could paint and paper and decorate to your hearts content....create a special little world all your own. OK I'll admit it....I've always wanted a doll house.

  10. We have a Sleep Number king sized bed where each side raises & lowers independently, so I'll keep that--but I DO like yours!!

  11. Quite nice. It looks rather French.

  12. Delores; no room here for a doll house, a tiny one just wouldn't do, it would need to be a decent size and Angel would love tearing into it.

    fishducky; I've seen those beds advertised and think they're a great idea. But I want the pictured one.

    Andrew; you probably can't make out the description in the bottom left corner, it is a French Provincial style. Probably antique.

  13. Andrew; it reads: attractive and cosy the master suite boasts a stunning French Provincial bed adorned with traditional patchwork.

  14. It's not my style of bed...I prefer bed frames without the base thingie sticking up at the end...if you know what I mean.

    But understand you liking/loving it...we have our own individual likes and dislikes...which is a good thing.

    I've got a king-size mattress just on a pine-slatted base. I need the king-size because Remy and Shama take up so much room! ;)

    I've got bits and pieces that I've cut or torn out of magazines and newspapers, too...and then the big toss-out comes at a later time...much later!


  15. Lee; I know what you mean. I like the footboard style because the posts come in handy for tossing your hat onto, or your feather boa, whatever you have that needs a landing space after tossing....


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