Thursday Thoughts #23

“Her heart was in the right place.”
“Maybe. But good intent doesn’t amount to much when the consequences are epically screwed up."

My thoughts today: 

There's been a lot in the media lately about TV and movie stars facing charges of sexual abuse. 
I'm not happy about it. 

First up, Robert Hughes, the architect single dad in the Aussie TV show Hey Dad.
Accused, tried, convicted. 
And fair enough. 
People who do those things should pay for their crimes against other people.

But I loved that show when it was on and watched every episode. 
And now my memories of it are sullied, sad. 

Then came Rolf Harris. He had an after school show when I was young and I used to hurry home from school to watch it. 
He'd be on stage, telling jokes, singing songs he'd written about Australian things; 'Tie Me Kangaroo down, Sport' and he was famous for that wobble board sound. Also famous for those huge paintings he did on the show. A very large canvas, a couple of buckets of paint, some four inch house painting brushes; he'd dab and stroke paint on the canvas seemingly at random and suddenly there would be gum trees, a billabong and a sunset! 
Amazing. I loved those paintings and the show in general.

Rolf Harris: accused, tried, convicted, stripped of his knighthood. Again, my memories of happy watching are sullied and sad.

The latest: Bill Cosby. 
No! No! Another loved character, another loved show. 
I even read his book when I came across it in the library. 
Never missed an episode of The Bill Cosby Show. Watched him in stand up comedy shows too. More sullied memories. 
:(   :(

I may have to stop watching the news programs again.


  1. Horrific isn't it?

  2. Power corrupts. And corrupts. And corrupts.

  3. There is positively an epidemic of such cases in the news at the moment. What happened? Did nobody mind in those days? Was child abuse by the famous or powerful part of the culture? And not just by the famous and powerful.

    These historic cases have all come to light since the Jimmy Savill scandal broke, a truly monumental child abuser. Middle aged men and women come out of the woodwork opening their wounds for all to see.

    I bet there is a lot going on today which is not going to come out for years. Somehow we still don’t believe children.

  4. Sad and bad. And the saddest part for me is just how long it takes for these horrific crimes to come to light. All those years where the victims suffer in the darkness.
    Too much cover up. Way tooo much cover up.

  5. Andy Muirhead was the one for me, ABC TV. I find it hard to describe my feelings. I just felt so very let down and I felt it quite personally. I think the more you like someone, the harder it is to understand. I kept asking myself, how could he? Why?

  6. Yes, they certainly have blotted the pages, haven't they? I hope they rot in jail. Although, Cosby won't.

    As Elephant's Child said....far too much cover up. So sad that the victims had to hide their pain, their distress; scared to come forward in so many cases; and in too many cases when they did, no one listened, more eager to push it under the rug.

    I hope the mindset is changing...slowly I think it is...that the victims are listened to and immediate action is taken. is sad, very sad...and so very wrong.

  7. Fame should NOT buy you freedom or excuse you for wrongdoing!!

  8. Delores; it is very horrific and because the dam has now been broken more victims are able to feel they can finally speak up.

    Joanne; yes, power does corrupt, but this is the sort of despicable behaviour that doesn't need power. These men would have done the same even leading ordinary lives.

    Friko; I ALWAYS believe children. I think there are so many cases being exposed now because once someone goes public others feel they are able to finally speak up.

    Elephant's Child; all those years of silent suffering just tears my heart up.

    Andrew; so you know that feeling I had when I heard of these men that I'd loved on TV. How could he? Well, how could anyone do such things to children.

    Lee; what do you mean Cosby won't? Why shouldn't he? How does he get out of going to jail? That's unfair.
    I'm glad so many now are able to speak up and hope that even the most recent new victims of such crimes are able to speak up and be believed.

    fishducky; Sad that those who are famous begin believing they can get away with despicable behaviours, sadly it isn't only the famous who believe they can do this. Too many children are at risk.

  9. Well said Friko.
    Well said EC.
    I hear you River.
    The subject leaves me icy cold and outraged beyond words.
    The stats say ONE in 3 women! That's staggering.

  10. comments re Cosby...I heard on a TV report the other day that the Statute of Limitations could very well come into play as far as Cosby is concerned. In the US that applies in such cases, apparently.

    Hey...I'm not defending Cosby...if I had my way, he'd be thrown into jail today...and the key thrown away. I was just referring to the US law...that's all. I have no sympathy for sex offenders...they should all rot in Hell as far as I'm concerned.

  11. Lee; I realise you weren't defending Cosby, I just had no idea about the statute of limitations there. I think they should change that law, after all, the victims have to live with those feelings all their lives!

    Rose ~ from OZ; one in three women, but how many children? Horrifying numbers.

  12. I agree entirely, River. I certainly do.

  13. I never watched Robert Hughes so know nothing about him or the show but Rolf of course is a West Aussie and much loved by all of us. He as on Channel 7 here in Perth and I thought he was fantastic and so clever with his Oliver Polyp (I think it was a character he drew on his hand. I met an elderly lady who used to work with him years ago. She and I have lost touch and I often wonder how she feels about her hero. So sad but things happened way back then that were too often accepted as 'normal behaviour' from big stars and who'd believe it anyway. I see he has now decided to drop his appeal and we wonder if he will survive 5+ years in gaol.
    We also watched every episode of the Bill Crosby show and thought he too was fantastic and so funny.
    I have also read that Cliff Richard is being investigated and if there is anything proven against him I think my belief in human nature will be shattered for all time.
    There are of course women who would also have sought favours but nobody reports them for some reason.

  14. ... wow... River you have hit the nail on the head here.... they should all rot in jail and allegations from any body against anybody should be checked out.... adult or child.
    I think people did accept this kind of behaviour 50 years ago because assult of any kind was rarely discussed in the home. I'm 72 and growing up kids didn't have access to news like they do today so we were quite ignorant of social issues and it's only as 'society' is voicing it's disapproval the people are coming out with their stories... these victims we are talking about today are all from the TV era when human rights, responsibility and knowledge was starting to be voiced's sad and terrible to think about .. and human nature being what it is , it's more than likely going on today and the generations to follow will be saying the same as we are.... 'How could they' 'they were my favourite Tv person'.....
    Sorry to go on about this , but I can't see an answer .. or a way to prevent this behaviour continuing... all the 'rights and knowledge ' only help after the event... if then...
    I made sure my children had as much information as I could give them and I listened to them.... that's the best any one person can do...
    HUGS to everyone....' Barb xx

  15. Mimsie; women who seek favours get what they ask for, they can't be complaining later. It's those who have these actions forced upon them that I feel sorry for.

    Babara Neubeck; the only way to prevent this behaviour is to educate the young ones in what is acceptable and how and when to say no, then to speak up if they are forced through being drugged etc as Bill Cosby did to some of the young women he molested.

  16. Add all that to church-related abuse and our society is pretty sad. Especially when there are so few convictions if you look at the total number of allegations. I hope that all changes as it becomes more acceptable to speak out.


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