well here's a surprise,

better get planning....


(evil laugh)


  1. Nooooooooo! Though at least one of my friends will hit the sales today with just that thought in mind. I think she is insane. Organised but insane.

  2. And big vats of chocolate are being stirred in preparation for Easter.

  3. The trouble is those days will all have gone by before we know it... :)

  4. And all the maniacs are out today fighting over the Boxing Day sales...I just do not understand those people...not one bit!

  5. Elephant's Child; now is the best time to snap up bargains in the decorations department, many things that required a second mortgage before Christmas can now be had for a dollar or two.

    fishducky; I had to put this up, I just HAD to.

    Andrew; not to mention the hot cross buns which will probably be on sale January 1st.

    Lee; time does fly faster once you get a little grey in your hair. I don't enjoy boxing day sales either, the only thing that would get me into that circus is if I needed new decorations. Many are as much as 75% off now.

    Delores; who, Me? :D


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