Sunday Selections #202

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to TheElephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week I have some early morning clouds.

About a month ago, Angel had me up at his usual early hour so after he'd had breakfast and I'd had coffee, I went out to get the Sunday paper in and this is what I saw>>

stormy looking clouds, so of course I went and got the camera.
the whole sky appeared to be shades of grey,

then things began to lighten up,

and the clouds became pink edged.
Look at that oleander, I've never seen so many flowers and this is after many blossoms were blown off during the night. 

less grey, more white, and the sky is definitely bluer.

a little further to the west (just across the driveway) it is almost like a sunset.

does that grey patch in the cloud look vaguely like a map of England to anyone else? 

here is the full oleander, you may be able to see all the pink specks on the ground, those are all the blossoms that were blown off in the overnight wind. 

And now for something completely different....

my bbq sauce is three years out of date. THREE YEARS!! 
How did I miss that every time I checked the fridge!



  1. I'm pretty sure that bbq sauce is like wine.

  2. Love those skies and the oleander. Now you have got me thinking I should check our BBQ sauce's date...

  3. Some of the stuff in my fridge says BEST BEFORE END OF STONE AGE!!

  4. Yes...that does look like a map of England, River.

    You're not Robinson Crusoe...I must do a check, too of my fridge and cupboards...I've probably got stuff in there older than me...and that's old!!

    Have a great week, River...cuddles to Angel and Missy. :)

    1. PS...I have a Lindt chocolate Easter Bunny in my fridge...he's eight or so years old, but he will just grow older in there because he and I are good mates now and I just don't have the heart to eat him. Purposely, I just let him be.... :)

  5. Nice cloud photos. I can certainly see the map of England. Some of the liquid in the sauce bottle will have evaporated and it will now be a nice and strong brew of barbecue sauce.

  6. Beautiful oleander, as for out of date, I have a almost out of date cupboard things go in there when they are old and die of very old age in there, I always forget to clean it out.
    Wonderful skies nice to see the sun today.

  7. Nice shots I had a kitchen 'chuckin' out day' myself last week.

  8. I have several jars of pickles which are out of date!. But how do pickles get pickeled unless they are aged ?
    I have just tried one with an early lunch and they are anything but out of date, Delicious.

  9. joeh; I put some of that sauce on my burger and it didn't taste quite right, so I rinsed it down the sink. The bottle I mean, not the burger, I just scraped the sauce off that and replaced it with tomato.

    Elephant's Child; Barbecue sauce isn't something I use often, so after this I didn't bother buying a new one. It was popular with the kids when they were younger and all at home, we'd have burger night once a week.

    fishducky; stoneage! wow. Taste it before chucking it though, it might be good.

    Lee; I usually do a fridge/pantry check twice a year, some things get left even if they're out of date, because they keep, unopened cans of tomato soup, four bean mix, but I check them for "blow" or rust. Then I make sure they're towards the front to get used quickly. The bbq sauce probably got missed because I hardly ever use it.
    No choc bunny has ever stayed in my fridge longer than a couple of months.

    Andrew; I was hoping others could see a map of England there. Lee did too. The sauce wasn't nice, it had an odd taste so I chucked it down the sink.

    Merle; I'll send a team of archaeologists to excavate the cupboard, you might have something of historical value, like fishducky above, who has things dating back to the stone age (*~*)

    Delores; I haven't had a kitchen "chuckin' out" for a while now, I haven't been stocking up for a year or two now, so there's probably not much in there to sort out.

    Vest; pickles are different, pickled in vinegar which has excellent keeping properties, I have gherkins which are fairly old, about 18 months, and they are still good too. Sauces are usually good for a couple of years, but it seems three years is one too many.

  10. That brand of BBQ sauce is an integral part of my Sticky Chicken recipe. I put even parts of that bbq sauce and soy sauce, plus some honey but you can also use agave or maple syrup to sweeten this, mix well together, put chicken breast steaks - or if you like drumsticks these work well too, you can do a mix of both - make sure they are all covered well in the sauce then cover the baking pan with alfoil, and then cook in the oven for 40-50 mins on 200C.

    For tomato sauce no sauce I have tried in NSW even comes close to the awesomeness that is Beerenberg. We were unable to get it here and relatives from SA would bring over huge 2l containers of it because they lived in Hahndorf and would go to the outlet there, and we would share it out between we 3 SA households. Finally it was available on the shelves here, and we bought it happily for a good couple of years until it disappeared - at least we thought it did. They changed the packaging into the awful packaging they have now, with completely loopy names like "THIS TOMATO SAUCE POURS SLOWER THAN ANTHONY TEES OFF" - I mean, what the heck does that even mean? - and we did not notice it in the new packaging for ages. I do not know who designed this new packaging but I am so not a fan of it. :(

  11. Snoskred; Bbq sauce is sweet already, I don't think honey would be needed, except to make it sticky. I do my chicken with honey, soy and garlic, unless I'm making devilled chicken which has tomato sauce and I most often buy Rosella tomato sauce. It's what I grew up with, also Heinz 57 tomato sauce. I've never tried Beerenberg, it's too expensive. "...pours slower..." probably just means it is so thick it takes forever to get out of the bottle; Anthony would be one of the Beerenberg "family" and probably doesn't play golf so takes forever teeing off. I've read the Beerenberg labels and think they're quite funny.

  12. LOVE your first pic! And 3 years out of date is nothing ... I was recently looking for some Vicks Vaporub and found a jar in the back of the bathroom cabinet drawer. I didn't realise Vicks had a use by date, but this one was 2001!!!! Weirdly, it still worked good - dare I say even better than the newer stuff? I reckon they changed the formula somewhere between then and now!

  13. Loved the clouds and yes, there is a map although to me it is more like the north of England and Scotland with the lower part missing. It's strange how we all see things differently isn't it?
    Yes, we sometimes miss use by dates. I have a jar of Tiger Balm which expired in 2004. There is very little left but I find it helps if I rub it into my two thumbs which become painful if I do too much crochet. I feel it's time I perhaps bought a new jar. It's also wonderful to help clear one's nose. Just a few sniffs does the trick.


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