Whimsical Wednesday # 153

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Angel hair!


  1. Call me dense. I don't get it. (I'm known for "not getting it") lol

  2. When I presented Toby, the tiny kitten, three years ago the first thing my sister said: Another long hair!

  3. Manzanita; my house is slowly filling up with cat fluff from Angel. I really should get busy with the vacuum.

    Joanne; I was surprised when Angel turned out to be a long hair. He was fluffy as a kitten, but his mother is a short hair, smooth and sleek.

  4. Alrighty...we have the embedded comment box without 'robot' verification, yay? I prefer the pop up box, but the blurred numbers are going to be a problem for too many.

  5. Yay indeed. And thank you. Cat hair? I cannot get over how much my two moult. Oodles and oodles of cat fur. Everywhere, and on everything.

    1. PS: I have now learnt that if you ignore the WV and hit publish it will - so you could go back to your preferred pop-up.

  6. Elephant's Child; every time I turn around there's a shadow of fluff rolling across the floor or a clump of tail hair just lying there. I dare not look under the table and behind the couch where it all seems to gather.

  7. Think of it as really DEEP pile carpeting!!

  8. Anyone who has ever had a cat will understand.

  9. Having never heard of Edward Gorey or mewling fluff before...I went and did some research...so thanks, River...I've just learned something new this morning. :)

  10. Cats and their fluff if only I just wore a fur coat well I always have a covering of fur mainly on anything black.

  11. fishducky; I don't like carpeting, it's a huge dust catcher and I have asthma, at least this fluff doesn't make me cough or sneeze.

    Delores; especially those who have or have had long haired cats.

    Lee; I'm not too sure what mewling fluff is exactly, I'd better find out I suppose...but I do feel sometimes that if I don't gather it up I will be swamped as in the picture.

    Merle; I'd love a fur coat myself! But I'm not prepared to spin Angel's fluff and knit one from the resulting yarn.

  12. No being familiar with the works of Edward Gorey I was completely bamboozled but now see the light.
    When we had Precious our whole house had mewling fluff everywhere. The dust was fine hair and even the ceiling fans would be coated with it. Candy does moult and is now enjoying being brushed but hers if short hair which doesn't clump thank goodness so far fewer problems than over past 12 years. We loved Precious so much but oh, that fine coat of hers. I am sure had I been able to spin it all there would have been enough to make a beautiful jumper.

  13. Mimsie; I'm sure Angel's coat would be suitable for spinning and knitting too, if the clumps didn't gather up dust and hair as the roll across the floor. He's getting used to being brushed, but so far only on his back and tail and not with the detangling side.


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