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Friday, July 1, 2011

yummy lunch, something new

Today, after a busy morning of washing clothes, washing dishes, polishing furniture, I was finally ready to go shopping.

I took my time wandering to the shopping centre, enjoying the fabulous weather, even looking in shop windows, something I rarely do.

After buying the groceries, (I indulged myself with a couple of bananas) I went to Baker's Delight for a couple of bread rolls.
Normally, I buy a thick sliced loaf and put slices in ziplock bags in the freezer, (2 slices per bag),  but I had left over roast chicken, which I love to eat on a fresh roll with mayonnaise.
 So I bought the bread rolls. Which also freeze well.

While I was waiting for my change,  I looked at the small lunch size pizzas they sell and noticed a new flavour.
BBQ Bonanza.
It has ham, bacon, pepperoni and a spicy sauce which may or may not contain chilli.
Well, of course my stomach said "you have to try this!", so I did.

It was very very nice and I'm not sure just what is in the sauce, but it isn't chilli.
I know this because my mouth got hot, but cooled down quickly after eating and my face is not on fire
like it would be if I'd eaten chilli.

Good news indeed. Not that I'd buy these very often, but for an occasional weekend lunch, it's good to know I can eat one without burning my cheeks and forehead from the inside out.


  1. Just love ground hot chilli sprinkled on any meal yummmmy :-).

  2. Windsmoke; I can't eat chilli without my face burning up and feeling like I'm swollen (like a balloon) even though I'm not. I get very red and sometimes it lasts 3-4 days, so I was pleased to find this little pizza didn't have chilli.

  3. Clearly you are more well off than I thought if you can afford bananas.

  4. And yet, even though you would have a terrible price to pay, you took a chance on the pizza? That IS living on the edge.

  5. Andrew; I bought two bananas from the fully ripe bin at the fruit shop, being fully ripe they were slightly reduced in price and had to be eaten within a couple of days. These were my first bananas all year.

    mybabyjohn; it's the only way to find out for sure, and if it was chilli, my face would have been fine by Monday when I'd have to be back at work.

  6. Ok, a tiny luxury. My mother laments how she can't have bananas because of the cost, but her stomach problems have pretty well stopped since she stopped eating them. I heard something about stomach problems and bananas on the radio the other day.

  7. Andrew; a banana allergy/intolerance is fairly unusual, but if your mother is better for not eating them, that's a good thing.