I've been searching.....

.....for a cheaper place to live. I think I've found one.
I had news of a flat available and today I went to see it.
Only one bedroom, but that's all I need, miniscule kitchen, 3 seconds to clean, no carpet, that's a plus.
I hate carpet. It's such a dust catcher.

There are repairs and general maintenance checks going on there at the moment, they'll be finished in a couple of weeks.
I'll know on Monday if and when I can move in.

I'll miss this place, but the rent is getting too high, and with electricity and all other costs of living set to rise (and rise and rise...), I had to do something.
I can't stay here and become one of those elderly people afraid to use the heating because of the cost, (so they freeze to death, we've read about that sort of thing), or have to choose between heating or eating.....this way I'll be able to have both.

This will be a load off my mind.


  1. Fingers (and toes) crossed for you.

  2. Congratulations! It's a tough decision to make, but good on you. And if you don't get this place, that means there's something even better waiting for you!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hope you can move in asap, it's a good decision to make now :)

  4. EC; just don't cross your eyes. That's no way to be getting about. And thanks.

    Red Nomad; I've been thinking on this decision for a while now; it's time to act. I'm pretty sure I'll get this place. I'm lucky like that.

    Jayne; better now than when I'm 85 and desperate.

  5. So happy for your new home and the great load it takes off your mind. I'm with you. As I get older, I want smaller and smaller space and less to clean. Sounds perfect.


  6. Sounds like a sensible move. I wish you luck.

  7. Sounds like a plan River! Wishing you success with it all. Cost of living just keeps going up, and up, and up and....

  8. You need decent heating and cooling. You get to a certain age, then these things become important.

  9. Oh here I thought the big decision was that you fell in love and were moving to France or something! lol :)

  10. Trying to balance your lifestyle can be very tricky at times, good luck :-).

  11. Manzanita; I'll have about half the space I've got now. So half the cleaning time, and no garden.

    Delores; thank you.

    Chez; I'm wondering how high it can get before we're ALL on the poverty line. Except politicians, because they just give themselves ginormous pay rises....

    Andrew; smaller rooms will be so much easier to heat. The open space I have now reqires a heater at each end, which is out of the question.

    Happy Elf; HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Windsmoke; I've always managed to be quite balanced. A little rocky recently, but steadying up again now.

  12. I've been pondering on this choice for any even though now; it's time to act. I'm fairly positive I'll get this place.
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