time marches on

Deep in our subconscious minds, we know this will happen.

It happens to all of us, although it's rarely spoken of.

And never out loud.

Hushed whispers only.

This natural progression.

It's a thing easily ignored, as we skip blithely from day to day.

Until one day, we see it.

And reality hits.

We realise that the calendar has not lied.

Time has marched relentlessly forward.

There in the mirror is the irrefutable evidence.

That we are indeed growing old.

The first grey hair.

"down there".


  1. I remember reading a book by Mary Wesley about 20 years ago where she commented that you weren't old until your pubes had gone grey. Innocent/ignorant person that I am I was gobsmacked - just hadn't even considered that they would turn grey.

  2. Nothing that a bit of hair dye won't fix :-).

  3. Life In a Pink Fibro; it's not exactly the thing you'd shout across a table in a cafe.

    a Farmer's Wife; thank you

    EC; It's funny that we all know about the hair on our heads, but body hair going grey just doesn't cross our minds. I was surprised a while back to find a grey eyebrow hair.

    Windsmoke; I don't bother with hair dye, I'm a low maintenance kind of person.

  4. Not only do they turn grey but they fall out.
    And I have to echo EC, I was gobsmacked when told of the impending greyness.

  5. Yes, I remember the day I found my first grey hair in my high school toilet when I was 14!!

  6. Exchange Hosting Service; welcome to drifting and thank you.

    JahTeh; that's how I found it.

    drb; 14? wow!

  7. When the hair on your head goes snow white before you hit 40 it really doesn't matter what the hairs anywhere else do...
    Now if you tend to frequent nudist colonies you may have a problem.

  8. Hi River,

    I have a few popping through on my head - haven't checked anywhere else though.




  9. No problem the color of your hair..but time would pass u through

  10. Pluck. Get rid of the beast. Funnily on an age related matter, I called a friend in western Victoria yesterday as it was his birthday. He never imagined being 78. He was lamenting to someone who he met while shopping and she said the same. They both wonder, how did I get to this age?

  11. Was my previous comment offensive? Sorry if it was. Though I am suspicious it was just "eaten" somewhere... as my comment was along the lines of everyone else's...

  12. Delores; snow white before 40? that's early, although it does happen.

    Plasman; I have quite a few on my head, with more at the front and more brown at the back.

    Balimoz; welcome to drifting. hair colour doesn't bother me, I'm happy to go grey.

    Andrew; didn't need to pluck, it fell out on its own. I've imagined being old, just didn't realise it would happen this fast. I swear just last year I was 35...next month I'll be 59.

    Happy Elf; I never remove comments, so yours probably got eaten by blogger, as have some of mine on other's comment sections.

  13. I had a single grey hair at age 19. None since then weirdly enough. But that event has always reminded me to appreciate the rest of my non grey locks.

  14. Sarah; welcome to drifting. My grey head isn't bothering me at all. It's much cheaper than constantly touching up colour. And my hair is in much better condition now that it's natural.


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