I wish I could sleep

There's things happening here that have my mind churning.
Thinking, thinking, thinking.

I'm able to concentrate while I'm at work, but before I leave to walk there, and after I get home again, it's a never-ending question and answer session.
What to do?
What happens next?
Planning, deciding, it's all a little overwhelming.

To the point where I can't fall asleep like I used to, so I sit up reading in bed until I'm sleepy, then sleep for just a couple of hours, then I'm suddenly wide awake again.
The downside is that I'm terribly sleepy just when I need to be getting up for work, but a hot shower and breakfast fixes that. Sort of. I still yawn my way through the morning.

But the potential happenings are all good things and if they come to pass as I hope they will, I'll soon be sleeping well again.
And if things do happen the way I'm hoping, I'll be able to tell all of you all about it, once it's done and dusted.


  1. not being able to sleep is horrible...I know.
    Could a sleeping pill help a little??


  2. Isn't it odd how your mind, when overtaxed can become a thief of sleep. When I can't sleep, I get up and read blogs. :)

  3. It is no wonder that many cultures have used sleep deprivation as a form of torture. I hope that it turns out well for you.

  4. Good luck with this, River.

    In order to help my seventeen year old daughter who's having trouble sleeping, she has asked me to take away her laptop at 10.30 pm. The Internet is her great challenge, though it sounds as though your challenge is more internal.

  5. peskypixies; this is a temporary thing, I know it will pass eventually, so I won't be trying any pills.

    Manzanita; it's an excitement rather than an overtaxing, the mind is making lists and sifting through possibilities.

    EC; I'm very hopeful.

    Elisabeth; my laptop gets shut down around 8.30. It's the mind that won't shut down. Yet. When it eventually getstired enough, I'll sleep like the dead for a few hours/days.

  6. Whoh mama, super confused over here!?!? Anxiety over something that will more than likely turn out good for you... fear of change?

    I hope all goes well and in your favor!

  7. Do you have one person with whom you can share all the upset in your life right now? Sometimes just talking it out can give your mind a rest and let you sleep.

  8. Well that all sounds very mysterious. Whatever's keeping you awake nights - I hope it resolves and whatever you're waiting for happens.

  9. I can relate to that especially when i did night shift. The best way i found to cope was not to force yourself to sleep but just let it happen naturally and with no pills, i hope this helps you :-).

  10. Hoping things work out the way you would like. :)

  11. Let me know if I can help with anything Elsie.
    Grace xx

  12. Jennifer; it's not the change I'm fearing, it's the extent of the change.

    Delores; actually, there isn't anyone close, just a couple of email friends.

    Baino; I'm in a wait and see position.

    Windsmoke; that's my preferred method.

    Lightening; crossed fingers. :)

    Grace; thanks.

  13. Hope things work out and soon... I wish I had some answers for you as well. I have had difficulty getting to sleep but not b/c of any particular upset. It is HARD going on three or four hours' sleep several days running, you start to not exercise/clean that sort of thing so well anymore. :)

  14. I know exactly how you feel. :-(

    Whatever is coming, it must be worth it if your subconscious is up all night mulling it over...


  15. Happy Elf; my mind seems to be sorting itself out. Last night I slept for six hours straight.

    Pearl; if only the subconscious could do the mulling in dream form! At least I'd be asleep.

  16. Hi, I'm having the same issue. I know there is change ahead. I have 3 1/2 weeks until it comes and for now I am so lost at night not knowing how to put my mind to sleep...Is your decision to not take sleeping pills because they might be addictive?


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