itch, scratch, ouch

When I'm stressed, I tend to break out in hives.
Not head to toe itchy red bumps, just an occasional itchy little bump here and there.
Ankles, forearms, back of the neck, odd places.
And those buggers don't stop itching until I scratch them raw.
Sometimes they continue itching even after that, so I'm scratching, scratching, scratching.......
So just lately, bandaids have been my best friends.
As soon as the bandaid goes on, the urge to scratch is greatly diminished.


  1. Poor River. I hope the stress and the itches leave you alone very, very soon.

  2. Have you tried soaking in a tub of warm water and baking soda? Baking soda is a natural neutralizer and oft times helps with this sort of thing.

  3. Oh, :-(. I like the idea above that you take a baking soda bath. I've done this before.

    Perhaps a light massage as well?

    Hope the stress goes soon.


    p.s. The Carboniferous Period occurred from about 354 to 290 million years ago during the late Paleozoic Era. In reference to your comment on my post. :-)

  4. I have extremely sensitive skin and so keep a tube of hydrocortisone around and it always stops the itching. I won't use it for more than a couple of days though. Maybe it is like the bandaid. I've heard a lot of people talk well about tea tree oil.

  5. Ouchies. The band aids would be enough to make me itch, i'm allergic to the sticky stuff

  6. Try to avoid stressful situations if you can, i know its easy to say, hope you get better soon :-).

  7. I'm sorry you are stressed. My daughter is the same, sometimes she says its good it happens as she doesn't realise that she is stressed and her body lets her know this way. She and I are allergic to bandaid so our friend is organic aloe vera gel. It cools and soothes. I hope both your mind and body are soothed soon.

    I'll be off now as I am trying hard not to leave long comments on blogs so much as I feel its too much for bloggy people. Hence my lack of commenting of late here in your space, I do read still though. Wishing you well.

  8. I have the first spots of my yearly allergy and my only and best relief is Hamilton's Pinetar LOTION with menthol. It has to be the lotion and if you can't find any I'll send you some. Every year I get this on my lower legs from some grass that grows or flowers but Hamilton's has confined it to just the lower bits and I don't have it right up to the knees. The heat and the itching was a monster.

  9. EC; I'm itch free today, bandaid free too. I'm not often stressed, I tend to blow things off instead of stressing, but there's been a little worry over my future lately.

    Delores; baking soda makes me itch. weird.

    Pearl; massage helps, I use a cocoa butter moisturising oil for this.

    Linda; I have dry skin which is soap/detergent reactive. Annoyingly a lot of detergents have now brought out new scented varieties of their products.

    Baino; I have a reddening reaction to bandaid sticky, but only if I leave one on for more than two days.

    Windsmoke; mostly I push the stressful thoughts to the back of my mind, it's just when I hear and read things on the news that pertains to my situation, the whole thing runs amok in my mind for a while.

    Achelois; welcome back. I love aloe vera. I used to have a plant in the yard, but I broke off the babies to give my daughter and to friends and the parent plant died. I keep meaning to get another one.

    JahTe; I have grass allergy too, mostly just reddening and itching if I've been sitting or kneeling on grass with bare legs. Easily fixed by washing my legs with plain water then moisturising. Not a severe allergy. We have Pinetarsal here in the chemist shops.


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