Once again I have wrestled my way through the online tax return form.

Somewhere along the way I clicked on the wrong button and spent several minutes going over and over the same information I'd already covered.

Several head slaps later I found my way out of the maze and successfully lodged my return.


In other news>>

Today, for the first time ever, I lost my work name tag. With my locker key attached.

Oh No!!!
It wasn't anywhere in the store, so I concluded it must have gotten unclipped from that Master Chef apron we are all currently wearing and fallen into a customer's shopping bag.

Five minutes ago, I had a phone call from my supervisor to say the name tag and key had been found.
In a customer's shopping bag.
In Mt Barker!!!
I'll have it back when she comes to town again on Thursday.

Well, that's a relief, because I borrowed the spare locker key held in the office, and if mine wasn't found, I'd have to get a new one cut so the office would still have a spare.

I think I'm glad today is almost over.
I'm certainly glad tax returns only have to be done once a year!


  1. Gosh, had we had known we could have picked it up for you on our way through today.

  2. So lucky it was a considerate person who found it.

  3. Oh bummer, tax returns! At least you had good luck with the tag/key!!

    Have a pleasant evening!!

  4. I'm glad you're going to get your name tag back...imagine a whole week of not having a clue who you are.

  5. Ahhh, we used to lose so many locker keys when agency nurses would forget to hand them in at the end of their shift we ended up just locking their stuff in the DON's office.
    Thank goodness an honest someone found it :)

  6. Do ladies still drop their hankies?

    I found a National Bank tag with a girl's name on it: Amy. It's magnetic and I've stuck it on the fridge. I don't know who she is but I'll bet she's good looking.

  7. Word V was lecte.

    A bit like lecher. A bit like me.

  8. Hi River,

    Ho Ho - sounds like a day to forget.




  9. I had to pay $20 for a lost tag once. As for tax. I've had four jobs this year and the fourth is dragging the chain . . still waiting for my last Group Certificate and I could do with that return!

  10. Filling out a tax return once a year is one time to many, hate it with a passion :-).

  11. Andrew; I don't know the name or address of the person who has it, so that wouldn't have helped at all. I have my spare so that will do for now.

    EC; yes, very lucky.

    Red Nomad; I'm quite looking forward to retiring and never having to do a tax reurn ever again.

    Delores; I'm sure everyone else will be quick to remind me just who I am!

    Jayne; there's no details on the tag except for my first name, so it wouldn't matter who found it really, but I'm glad it will be returned.

    R.H. I don't think ladies drop hankies, I don't think they even carry hankies anymore, everyone uses tissues. Except me, I carry hankies. In case I get a bloody nose.

    Happy Elf; 99.9% of the people I know are nice.

    Plasman; Definitely a day to forget.

    Baino; we don't have to pay for replacement name tags, the store keeps a supply on hand and a new name is just slid into the slot when needed. I would have to pay for a new key if mine wasn't found, but that's only about $6 or even less.

    Windsmoke; I don't mind doing it too much unless I click the wrong button and go around in circles like I did last night. My returns are always the very simple kind, all I have to declare is income and tax paid.

  12. Well, what I wrote was not serious, but it amused me that Mount Barker was where you tag was and we had just been through the town a couple of hours before I read your post.


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