The mixing.

 The spooning.

 The baking.

Snickerdoodles.  With Craisins. (dried cranberries)
Snickerdoodles are sugar cookies, sprinkled with a cinnamon/sugar mix while they're still hot from the oven.
Usually I make them plain.
I was going to make this lot with sultanas, but when I pulled the packet out of the pantry they looked rather unappetising.
Instead of plump juicy sultanas, these looked more like dusty dry currants. I checked the useby date>2008. Oops! Toss those out. There'll be no flavour left in them at all.
So I added Craisins instead and they turned out really nice.


  1. So your de-clutter didn't include the pantry??!! These look and sound great - please share the recipe for your 'surprise chef' outing!!

  2. EC; will post the recipe tomorrow.

    Red Nomad; I did rearrange the pantry, just didn't bother checking the dates on things, because usually things like sultanas get used pretty quickly. Recipe tomorrow.

  3. doodles? That's a rude recipe.

    If I had to buy them from a shop I'd need a note.

    ha ha ha.



  4. Well I couldn't say it without laughing.
    Then the game would be up.
    A survey reckons males think dirty every ten minutes.
    I'm ten seconds. In everything.

  5. I've heard of Snicker doodles before but thought that they had Snickers bars chopped up in them. Then again, doesn't everything taste better with chocolate? I'll try your recipe though.

  6. Snickerdoodles is what my folks called dog poop. OOOOOPs....... I had no idea it was real food.

  7. R.H. I'm not sure you can buy them in shops, so I think you're safe. You'll have to make your own.

    Kath; I heard them first on "That 70's Show" and was immediately intrigued. Next time I make them I'll use choc-chips to see how they are. But they're already quite sweet, so I think I'm going to like the craisin version best.

    Delores; now I hope I'm not going to think of dog poop when I eat them......


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