progress has been made

The spare room has been sorted, the recycling bin is full, now there's only the top of the wardrobe to sort and tidy.
 And maybe toss a few things.
The christmas tree and all the decorations are up there, so I won't touch that corner at all.
But the other corner?
That has a couple of plastic crates, one with god-knows-what and the other with old vinyl records.
Too heavy for me to be lifting down, so I'll wait until one of my sons comes to visit.
There's a place on the Parade that converts old records to cd's and I'll take them there to be converted. Then maybe I'll sell the originals on ebay.
Surely someone out there has the same music taste as me?


  1. Wow. I am still really really impressed at your industry. And yes, it is almost certain that someone or several someones will have similar music tastes. Good luck.

  2. EC; I'm feeling pretty good about it myself.

  3. I'm converted myself. You should be careful, it causes trouble.

    What records do you have? Publish a list.

  4. R.H. there's not many records and I can't remember all of them. There's a Leo Sayer album; Paul McCartney and Wings; the Rolling Stones Rolled Gold album;a Kenny Rogers album; the soundtrack from Against The Wind, the TV mini series starring Jon English; Ancient History by Jon English; Modern English by Jon English, a couple of others that I can't remember. I haven't seen inside the box since I stashed it up there when I first moved in here.

  5. Good for you getting all that tidying done...I'm impressed and motivated....however I'm sure if I sit down for a moment it will pass. worked.

  6. Vinyl records. I am so disappointed in you that you have Kenny Rogers records. Selling records was not a good experience for me.

    Forget getting them transferred. They will all be on Youchube.

  7. You'll be lucky these days to get a dollar or even fifty cents each for your records i know because i've been down that road. Not a good idea to transfer them to CD, you'd be better off looking for them on CD because they have much better sound quality :-).

  8. Delores; ha ha, well done. If I sit, the idea just keeps niggling away until I do it.

    Andrew; there's only one Kenny Rogers, it was a birthday gift way back in the 80's when I casually said "oh I like that song".

    Windsmoke; I'll probably just leave them stashed in the wardrobe then, until some great great grandchild finds them and asks what the heck they are.


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