don't believe everything you read.... your daily paper.


Does anyone need this kind of encouragemnet to eat more of the yumminess that is bacon?


  1. What a classic! Thanks for finding this.

  2. Unbelievable. Truly amazing. The marvels of modern science.

  3. What a classic you can clog up your arteries with saturated fat and get spaced out on cannabis or THC as its called all from a slice of bacon :-).

  4. Linda; I'm glad it isn't true. I like my bacon unsullied.

    Sarah; welcome to drifting. I don't often read the paper all the way through. I'm glad I did this time.

    EC; A bit like feeding mayonnaise to tuna fish.

    Windsmoke; being spaced out, you probably wouldn't care about he clogged arteries.

  5. if therapists in anorexia clinics had brains they would hand out joints to get those patients eating - hash brownies though, not BABE.

  6. Hahaha! They obviously have no idea of the true nature of addiction!!

  7. The world is becoming a sick sick sicker place. Imagine tampering with natures perfection, bacon, itself.

  8. I must say, though, as much as I love bacon, I hate - nay loathe with searing passion - The Advertiser!

  9. Ann O'Dyne; hash brownies! What a great idea!

    Red Nomad; let's hope they don't start in on chocolate.

    Delores; sick indeed.

    Kath; why is that I wonder? Hmmm?

  10. Who deserves the most sympathy, the pig or the cannabis? I think I'll cross my cannabis with my cat just to see what the hell comes out of that.


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