I've been packing

Getting a head start on a possible move.
Packing away things that I won't miss for a couple of weeks.
Most of the books, most of the dvd's, summer clothes.
I have a few boxes that don't seem to be too big, so I've filled those with books.

I emailed a moving company that does suburb to suburb moves fairly cheaply, and asked if the boxes I was using were suitable.
They said of course,
just don't fill them too full.

Uh Oh.

Good thing I found out before I filled all of them.
There's three boxes absolutely chockas with books....
I think I'll leave them.
For a day or two anyway.

I'll pack a few more things and then.....
 see if I have enough boxes to put some of the books into another box or two.
So they're not too heavy.

I'm thinking of letting the packers do most of the breakables, they know what they're doing better than I do.


  1. Isn't it frightening to realise just how much stuff we accumulate? Heaps of good wishes for the move whenever it happens. And yes, I think letting the professionals do the breakables is a really good idea.

  2. EC; I don't actually have all that much. After years of regular decluttering sessions, most of my stuff is books and dvds and about three million family photos.

  3. Yep, get them to do the fragile stuff.
    And don't fill the boxes too much lol.

  4. Jayne; the filled boxes are already sealed with tape. I don't want to open them up again......sigh.

  5. Moving time..always a good time to pare down. It is cathartic to get rid of stuff that you know you will never use again or that harbours bad memories for you.

  6. I have an award for you. Pop over to pick it up.

  7. I hate moving with a passion all the packing unpacking finding things broken or damaged, what a pain in the bottom, good luck anyway :-).

  8. Delores; I've been paring down/decluttering for a while now, this time I've culled the books and 95% of the ornaments.

    Windsmoke; I don't usually find things damaged, but finding homes for my things in less space is going to be a pain in the posterior.

  9. So you got the place then? Is it in the same lovely suburb? Will you have a place to continue growing your lovely plants?


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